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I wanted to post this discussion because I know that there are many different disabilities out there and depending on everyone's limitations, it may change the way each of us practice. For example, some of us might not cast a circle because a physical limitation or may not use incense because of asthma. I know that everyone's practice is personal and unique but if you feel like sharing how you practice and how your disability changes or affects your practice, please share. Any thoughts or advice can be shared as well.

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I will start us off in my practice, my partner who can walk helps to cast the circle (we practice together) and then I use visualization and meditation to ground myself and participate. I feel that my visualization is stronger because of my physical limitations and I can see everything in my mind as if I were doing it myself. For this reason, I focus on meditation a lot in my practice and other concentration techniques.

I just started seriously getting into Wicca/Witchcraft this past September,even starting to take a Witchcraft course on this site,but unfortunately I just spent the last month in hospital,and prior to that had a few personal issues to work out so,needless to say,I have not cast a circle,or done any spells,rituals or anything as of yet.I had started a tiny bit of Meditation,but only 2-3 times so far.

I am open to any suggestions on how to cleanse myself before a ritual,grounding,centering,meditating,etc...I have spina bifida and hydrocephalus(as well as high blood pressure,kidney disease and chronic diarrhea),and use a manual and/or electric wheelchair to get around,as I am paralyzed from the waist,down.As for my baths,I am not usually alone when taking them,as I have help from the CLSC for that.




I believe we both started studying Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism during the same time. I too am in a manual wheelchair and have people who help me do things like take a bath or get dressed. I have Cerebral Palsy. For cleansing before a ritual you can use incense, a smudge stick, a washcloth and towel with a little bit of water or just close your eyes and meditate and ask the God and Goddess to be with you and cleanse you. Also, meditation works well for grounding and centering. As far as meditation techiques, I have struggled with this a bit myself, mainly because I cannot seem to shut my mind off. However, I have found that closing my eyes and just focusing on my breathing helps. When your mind wanders you just return your focus to the breathing. You can also try meditation sounds or music or I have used videos on Youtube to help me out. Just find out what works best for you and do that even if its a combination or something totally new. If you cannot physically cast a circle and do not have someone to help, you can close your eyes and visualize a circle around you. This is what I do when I am alone. I hope this helps and I hope you are able to stay well and out of the hospital.


Blessed Be:)

Thank you so much for the tips!...I will definitely put them to good use!...and I have the same problem with concentration....even at night I have to really concentrate on deep breathing/relaxing,or else I find that I have constant thoughts going through my mind...kind of like a movie reel that doesn't want to stop.I have noticed this problem within the last 5 or so years.



My concentration problem has lasted about that long as well. I even had to start taking medicine to help me get to sleep. I have been told though, that if you practice meditation daily or at least a few times a week, it gets easier. If you have not already, I suggest joining the meditation group on this site they have many great videos and other tips and advice. I hope this helps you and good luck on your path.


Blessed Be:)

Yes,I actually did join that group a little while ago!....I had started to check it out,and had tried meditation once or is just that since then I had landed in the hospital and only got out about 2 or so weeks ago,and since I've been home,my homecare services have increased for at least a month,and unfortunately,lately I've been finding it really hard to even find 2 seconds to,once things calm down a bit more,I am definitely planning on setting aside time for meditation(as well as "me" time) no matter what!

It also helps a lot just knowing that there are others out there in similar is a huge comfort!

Blessed Be :)


As I posted in the Accessibility and Events thread, I have spinal injuries which cause me pain, and limit my mobility and stamina, and the levels of that vary on a day to day basis, so my path life has become a little restricted by that, but I still manage (most days) to do what I want to do to follow my beliefs and practices.  Most of that involves connecting with nature, I do manage to get out a bit, sometimes, but not as often or as far as I'd like to, my ankles and feet swell up and go numb so I risk falling, especially on uneven or slippery surfaces and I have unfortunately sustained many a knock and scrape due to that, so whatever I try to do, I have to be careful and accept there is stuff I just can't do anymore.  Reaching the floor, twisting and bending are the most difficult, as is pulling and carrying, but I do get support if I ask for it from my family.  The part I hate the most is having to keep taking meds but I know I must if I am to have any reasonable level of doing things and at least some comfort along the way.  I keep the strong ones for really bad days because they zonk me into oblivion - never a good situation to be in when lighting a bonfire, that!!! xx

I have panic disorder with agoraphobia as well as AD/HD. It's made my life and my religious practice ... interesting ... to say the very least.  I've been an Elder now for some time, still actively teaching, but sometimes I have to cancel classes because I'm just not up to the task. I hate that for my students.

The most important part of any ceremony is what happens in your head. I spent a year in the hospital without even thinking about ceremonies just too deathly sick. When I began to think about them I got almanac and started recreating them as best that I could in my head. I had forgotten a lot but I pieced it together as best I could. As I was in a nursing home ward with four other men I could only do it in my head in my bed so that is what in did.



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