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One of the members here taught me a new word in one of her letters to me. I admit that I did not know its so I looked it up on The meaning lingered in my mind, especially of late. I have felt an extreme pull towards another's soul although I have not had contact with this person in over six months. The word I learned is "melungeon", and he and I could pass as brother and sister. Here is a poem the word inspired and I will try to include a picture of him for now. He will be out of prison in a almost a month. Unless the meeting is forced or in secret, we will not meet again.

Has anyone else ever experience an actual soul pull? That is the only way I know to describe the feeling.

Time bleeds by in your absence.
My chest. No.
My deep knife cut being
to be enveloped by my
I fail in my attempts
to hate
to forget
to lie
to myself
knowing no point exists
believing that you lost yourself in hell.
My inner being strives
to break out of its mortal shell.

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SullenGirl Comment by SullenGirl on October 8, 2011 at 11:00am
Thank you for your reply.  I am sorry if it has taken me time to reply.  I think the words "the person I built him up to be" speak exactly what I need to hear.  The mind is a funny thing as sometimes the memory only sees what it wants to believe.  I welcome your advice and input.  :)
Comment by Nicole on October 6, 2011 at 3:51pm

Hello and thank you for sharing this.


I can't help but feel this to be a toxic person and perhaps a co-dependant relationship for you. Please forgive me if I am wrong.


Yes, I have experienced a pull of sorts toward another on a few occassions. Now, I am aware of this and every one of those instances, that person was no good for me. Take the hint by the universe as that is why you two are not together and should not be together. Life is like that sometimes.


See this person as they are and not what you built him to be. Seperate the reality from the fantasy. Please excuse me as I do not mean to come across harshly. Sometimes when we are doing good, things may try to derail us and tempt us.


Let the lesson be learned and do not give the universe another reason to make you learn this all over because it will be a much more violent scenerio next time around.


With love,



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