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Spring Issue Little Witch Magazine 2012 is up!

It's Spring again. Delicious. It's actual Springtime too; bright sun but just cold enough to need a jacket when stepping out to explore the world. We are itching to clean and to make plans. Delicious!

In this edition of Little Witch magazine we talk about Neo-Pagan ethics, sacred texts and laws and of course we talk about Spring. We delve deeper into Ostara and Beltane and this time our story features the Greenwood Marriages of Beltane.

We look beyond the divinatory possibilities…


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Winter issue 2011 Little Witch magazine

Today we launch our year-and-a-day magazine and boy are we ever proud! We talk about Imbolc, Yule, hoodoo, about the many uses of hagstones and tattoos in Neo-Paganism, Gerald Gardner, reclaiming our titles and the Wild Hunt. As a bonus, Dutch authors Petra Stam and Marja de Zeeuw preview their own book 'In het licht van de Maan' ('In the light of the Moon') for us. Happy reading and Blessed Yule!…


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Summer Issue Little Witch Magazine

Hurray! It's Litha and that means the summer issue of Little Witch magazine is up! 


Summer issue Little Witch Magazine, 2011.



Enjoy the read!

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Lets Get Crafty.....A Witchy Hippy "Kitchen Witches" Wreath

Welcome my Dears !Well Its cold Im bored so for the last few days this is what Ive worked on.

Brimming with groovy energy ,this wreath is my bow to the Kitchen Witch,Or in my home better known as " Oh She of the Chaotic Kitchen". I had to think alot on this because a kitchen witch is so much more than…


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A New Beginning

For the last couple of days I have been researching Paganism/Wicca online... avidly watching youtube blogs by self-proclaimed witches and I've started pondering my own spiritual path.

I've started writing in a journal and today is about discovery. I think that before I choose to call myself a Pagan, Witch, Wiccan or what have you I need to look at a couple of things.

First I need to look at What Is Paganism? What does it mean to me?

Paganism is defined as a blanket term for…


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My Groovy Apple Burbon Bottle

Yes thats right Im already knee deep in the crafting of Yule presents ,and this is one of

the first to be finished.It's filled with Apples(dried by me) ,cinnamon sticks ,a sparce pinch of Nutmeg ,2 pinchs ground Ginger ,a tablespoon of honey,3 shots Reble Yell Burbon ,"the burbon is optional but it really makes it", and olive oil.MMMMM Yummy!!

Rebel Yell is only available on my side of the Mason Dixon line ,you folks up north

will have…


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"Black" and "White" Magic

So...... I have seen a lot of comments and questions in discussion, chat, and blogs on several sites pertaining to "black" and "white" magic. I have seen newbies ask whether they should avoid books because they contain "black magic" and seen members refer to themselves and "white witches."

Black magic does not exist, neither does white. Nor does green, or blue, or any other color you can imagine. Magic is magic. It's really that simple. I understand that some people utilize these… Continue

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How to "Come Out of the Broom Closet"

There seem to be many people wondering if there are any tips to make coming out easier or on how to know if you're ready to come out to anyone at all. Indeed there are. My experience of coming out of all sorts of closets has imbued me with wisdom which I hope can help some… Continue

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