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"The Blessings Of Corn" Celebrating Autumn The Hedge Witch Way

Autumn is here and with it comes the last of our harvesting season. So this time Ive been wandering collecting Corn stalks. This time of year the sweet corn is long gone but the stalks can be harvested and used for many things. Corn has been held sacred to many cultures since the beginning of recorded time. It has…


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Lets Get Crafty ... Last Minute Yule


Yule is the time of year where you give your best to other people.In my world that means I craft their gifts rather than give out Wallyworld gift cards.So while the bulk of the population are racing around going into debt.Im in the middle of finishing the many Yule presents that I make.I have to tell you this is not just a labor of love…


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So its the time of year that all of us put that extra witchy energy into our efforts.As I have said in the past everything a witch makes should be infused with their magical purpose.Every wreath a witch makes should be prepared with a wise eye towards the materials she uses ,and the intent she…


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Pagans And Wood Stoves


weather is frigid and I'm now using a wood stove again for heat.So I

thought I'd post about the magical properties of the woods we

burn.before I wrote this I scooted around online for info pertaining to

this subject and was appalled to find that the infinitesimal bit of info

that was out there was expounding on burning Cedar! People never burn



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Hexing And Vexing The Hedge Witch Way

So often Ive had people comment on a basket by my door ,wreath tucked into my garden ,that I decided to give you some real insight into my Hedge Witch ways.Spells aren't always burned or tucked into jars and hidden away most of my outdoor creations are spells.I'm not talking gardens now ,I'm talking about all that…


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Lets Get Crafty ......Advanced Potions Hauling Out The Big Guns

A few days ago a life long friend approached me with a major problem.her husband of many years now well into his seventies was going to under go a procedure to unblock arteries.Mere minuets before he was sedated for the procedure his bi-polar crack addict of a son turned up and caused a huge…


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Lets Get Crafty Recycling .......... A Peek At My Potions Containers

A lot of people that view my many photos ask me where I get the cool bottles on my potions table.As I have confessed to you all Im an old hippy and practice my own brand of recycling.Recycling or "Upcycling" is a wonderful tribute to our Mother Earth and it dosnt have to be tedious or boring.I…


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Lets Get Crafty.....A Mabon Offering , Fire Starters .....And More Willow Poppets!

I had Mabon on my mind yesterday ,so I got busy with this. I make these for all my harvest celebrations ,the shell is to hold salt on Mabon and the tray with all of its offerings gets put into my cauldron and burnt.I paid a dollar for the tray ,everything on it is energy laden and very…


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Lets Get Crafty With Talismen......Willow Healing Poppets And Balls

I had to hard prune a…

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Lets Get Crafty For Autumn.......A HedgeWitch's Harvest Centerpiece

In my home I like my things to serve many purposes.So when I set my hand to crafting something for an Alter or a table I stay true to my nature.I love the Autumn season .With its chillier nights ,colors and smells ,you can feel the witchy…

Added by Harobed on September 8, 2011 at 20:00 — 4 Comments

In The Hedge Witch's Garden....Verbena bonariensis ,Lovely And Easy To Grow

Verbena is better known by witches as Vervain herb.

Vervain was considered a "lightning plant" and was sacred to Thor. It was also sacred to the Druids, "and was only gathered by them, 'when the dog-star arose, from unsunned spots'"

For Italian witches, vervain was…


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Lets Get Crafty.....How to make a fragrant oil for psychic healing ,love and protection.

This evening as I slipped out my door to harvest, I was on a mission.My friend Reen'e had requested Magnolia for her use since it dosnt grow where she lives.After a prolonged and chilly spring my buddy was yearning for a bit of summer and is planning on making bath oil.

Here in Virginia…


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An Evening Stroll with The HedgeWitch

One of my favorite things to do is to slip quietly into my garden as dark falls to harvest.A hush has fallen over things ,the rowdy song birds have settled for their rest,even the wipporwill is quiet.As dusk arrives the pale blue new growth of blue spruce forms a substantial back drop for varigated miscanthus and oakleak hydrangea .These light up a rough and tumble corner of my yard ,turning it into something else intirely.…


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Pretty ,Powerful and Pagan ,Peony.......A Hedgewitchs staple

Paeonia officinallis Also known as Peony has its roots firmly planted in our past.

It came as no surprize to me that there’s so much lore concerning this well loved garden heirloom. Whether you want to cast a spell, bring good fortune into your life or

just enjoy their beauty,peonies have a long…


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Lets Get Crafty For Belthane....Mullein and Yarrow Spell Pouches

As a Taurus Belthane has got to be my favorite holiday simply because everything in my garden is now going

"fullsteam" ahead.The farmers feild is a lush green ,I am in Tarus heaven as my realm begins to thrive.I cant wait to fire up my cauldron .The groovy little spell pouches I'm in this blog are for my cauldron,however they also can be buried ,carried ,slipped into your…


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Harobeds Hedgewitch's Garden....A look at The Magical Iris

Well its almost May and here in Virgina the Iris have begun to bloom.Among my favorites, the blossoms are both regal and gaudy at the same time.Easy to grow and hard as nails ,Iris are a great choice for a beginner gardener.Their scent is heady and their crisp whites glow after dark in my moon garden.All of this is reason enough to have them in your witch's garden .But wait theres more!…


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Lets Get Crafty....A Besom Of Healing and Protection

Hello my Dears :)

Today Im talking about how to chose the components that go into making your besoms.

Just like spellwork every component needs to be chosen wisely .Attention should be paid to how everything works towards a common goal.You need to think about how you'll be using your besom.What tree…


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A Witchs Take On The "Common Violet"

The "Viola Soroia", which is white with a blue splotch,and the blue "Violet Odorata"

are generally called common garden violets.Well shame on those who would call such a wonder

of nature names, consider them weeds ,rip them up by the roots and toss them on the compost pile

Why is beyond me, this… Continue

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Lets Get Crafty.......... Spell Bottles

Spell bottles are a timeless tool used by all who have come before us.They range from elaborate to the simple and they are quite easy to make.However as with any spell there is a proper way of doing things .You cant just stuff things in a jar and say " so mote it " and think you've made a proper spell you haven't!…


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Lets Get Crafty....A Witchs Garden For Newbies And Black Thumbs



Welcome my lovlies after my blog on spell pots I had soo many questions and comments about my gardens.Hopefully this will answer some of your questions and lend you some inspiration:)

I love my Witchs garden it is my pride ,my joy ,my lifesblood!

From it I make my spells,amulets, teas,tictures,scented candles and bath oils.

There are bundles of herbs in all my spell baskets ,they grace my wreaths and add

wonderful smells to my smudges.Magical gardens…


Added by Harobed on March 30, 2011 at 22:28 — 9 Comments

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