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Recent Full Moon

I decided not to take up many different ideas at once but to start with just one thing, but make it qualitative. So I devoted myself to a Full Moon meditation and honoring the Goddess, and I charged my amulet with a Moon light. I mentally visited my sacred place, on a glade among trees, and I pictured how the Moon light cleanses and charges everything around with its energy, including the amulet on my neck.

This Full Moon influenced a lot of things. And at night I had a dream of…


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Have a joyfull full moon, friends!

On today's esbat mother nature reminds me of renovation, cleansing and growing thanks to the rain, but no matter gloomy weather I have a great mood. I hope you too! 

Today I decided to perform a ritual in honour of full moon in a magic circle and then conducted some digging works in my magic garden. 

Myrtle on the altar resembling a full moon with its shape symbolised a source of a moon light in which I meditated. And in honour of Moon goddess I…


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Every day hair ritual

I want to share this simple ritual which is absolutely a no-taking-time ritual, but very useful. While brushing your hair visualise that they are becoming strong, healthy and lush, how energy flows through them. I say something like this inwardly: "My hair are long and gorgeous". 
It may seem like nothing special, but you can reach great results if repeating this ritual regularly. 


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Petition magic

Petition magic can come to life in a sacred space or in a magic circle. And I also had an opportunity to use my new cauldron for a petition magic ritual. 

I put some salt into the cauldron (unfortunately I don't have some river or sea sand yet) and created a sacred space by referring to the quarters. I wrote my aim on a piece of paper in present time (like I've already achieved my goal) and after addressing to the gods I lit the paper and put it to the salt in the cauldron. I dedicated…


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Every day ritual

Breathe in and imagine the abundance of the universe coming toward you. Breathe out and imagine all the negative aspects of your life leaving you. Practice this simple exercise as much as possible every day, and you'll discover just how quickly you will begin to excel in basic, magickal practices. (c) Silver Ravenwolf "Teen Witch"

I understood a long time ago that the main thing is how one treats life and the world around - the same way everything around treats one. Karma rules…


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Rose of Jericho/Saint Expedite Petition Ritual

Due to the personal nature of the petition being made, some details will be omitted from this account.  However, I believe that the important information is being passed along. :) 


This blog will illustrate a personal petition ritual I preformed, involving a Rose of Jericho (Resurection Plant) and a Saint Expedite candle.


If you are not familiar with the Rose of Jericho, they are…


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Never Play with Fire

But if a friend asks you to do magic with it, by all means.

Beorc Kano recently put up a post requesting the use of candle magic by other people, in which he outlined the process by which he would perform this particular act.

I, as usual, have an alternate but effective approach. With Beorc's permission, I am still joining into this purpose using my alternate approach.



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Rantings of a Disabled Witch

I don't usually complain about being an individual with a disability, but I've noticed that the ratio of people in the Pagan community… Continue

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