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Lets Get Crafty Recycling .......... A Peek At My Potions Containers

A lot of people that view my many photos ask me where I get the cool bottles on my potions table.As I have confessed to you all Im an old hippy and practice my own brand of recycling.Recycling or "Upcycling" is a wonderful tribute to our Mother Earth and it dosnt have to be tedious or boring.I…


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In The Hedge Witch's Garden....Verbena bonariensis ,Lovely And Easy To Grow

Verbena is better known by witches as Vervain herb.

Vervain was considered a "lightning plant" and was sacred to Thor. It was also sacred to the Druids, "and was only gathered by them, 'when the dog-star arose, from unsunned spots'"

For Italian witches, vervain was…


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Lets Get Crafty.....How to make a fragrant oil for psychic healing ,love and protection.

This evening as I slipped out my door to harvest, I was on a mission.My friend Reen'e had requested Magnolia for her use since it dosnt grow where she lives.After a prolonged and chilly spring my buddy was yearning for a bit of summer and is planning on making bath oil.

Here in Virginia…


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An Evening Stroll with The HedgeWitch

One of my favorite things to do is to slip quietly into my garden as dark falls to harvest.A hush has fallen over things ,the rowdy song birds have settled for their rest,even the wipporwill is quiet.As dusk arrives the pale blue new growth of blue spruce forms a substantial back drop for varigated miscanthus and oakleak hydrangea .These light up a rough and tumble corner of my yard ,turning it into something else intirely.…


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Pretty ,Powerful and Pagan ,Peony.......A Hedgewitchs staple

Paeonia officinallis Also known as Peony has its roots firmly planted in our past.

It came as no surprize to me that there’s so much lore concerning this well loved garden heirloom. Whether you want to cast a spell, bring good fortune into your life or

just enjoy their beauty,peonies have a long…


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Harobeds Hedgewitch's Garden....A look at The Magical Iris

Well its almost May and here in Virgina the Iris have begun to bloom.Among my favorites, the blossoms are both regal and gaudy at the same time.Easy to grow and hard as nails ,Iris are a great choice for a beginner gardener.Their scent is heady and their crisp whites glow after dark in my moon garden.All of this is reason enough to have them in your witch's garden .But wait theres more!…


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Lets Get Crafty....A Witchs Garden For Newbies And Black Thumbs



Welcome my lovlies after my blog on spell pots I had soo many questions and comments about my gardens.Hopefully this will answer some of your questions and lend you some inspiration:)

I love my Witchs garden it is my pride ,my joy ,my lifesblood!

From it I make my spells,amulets, teas,tictures,scented candles and bath oils.

There are bundles of herbs in all my spell baskets ,they grace my wreaths and add

wonderful smells to my smudges.Magical gardens…


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Lets Get Crafty In Our Gardens .........Spellpots For Strength ,Protection and Abundance


Greetings My Dears!

Being a Hedge Witch means I use everything in nature to further my spells, naturally this includes the potted plants.

Growing spells is an easy and satisfying way to bring your craft into your life on a daily basis ,nothing pleases me more than to step outside and see my spells growing and thriving right before my eyes :)

There are 5 important things to keep in mind when creating a spellpot ; who ,what ,when ,why and where .

(LOL Thats…


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