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It seems to have become trendy in recent years for people to claim to be faery beings. Maybe it is the result of not having enough let's pretend when they were kids. Perhaps it is the idea that tweenagers shouldn't be told "no" for fear of shattering their self esteem, so they end up growing up without a sense of reality. 


In any case, it is my belief that people aren't faery beings. Period. End of discussion.


For those who make such claims, I think it would be only responsible to offer them the ability to prove their "faeness". So, in this thread, anyone can list a type of fae that they or someone else is claiming to be and then we can all share folkloric tests that can be done to the individual to prove them right or shoot down their claims.


Who's game?

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Do these people have the same reaction to iron in their day to day lives?  or just your iron?

Leisha, in my experience, most people claiming to be fey are claiming to be generic fey, not a particular type.  Most don't even realize that there *are* different types.  Which hurts what little credibility this claim had to begin with.  Also, in my tradition, the fey were originally gods and goddess and therefor should be capable of "inhuman" feats, such as shapeshifting, immortality or drastically slowed or aging, and inhuman displays of strength. 


Most I have met claim to have a "fey soul."  Which I explained in the other thread, in my opinion, is impossible.  Even if you were a fey in another life, which I highly doubt, you are human NOW.  Your soul reincarnates into the form you are in now. If you were a dog in a past life, you don't have a dog soul now. If you did you would have a awfully hard time functioning in this state.

Is there a REASON you posted the water lily comment on THIS thread??? 


Them having a different reaction to you proves nothing about lineage... nothing... it could be completely unrelated.. it only "proves" that you have different preferences for metal.  It may be your THEORY that it is connected to lineage... but that is your THEORY.. you have proven nothing.


A hypothesis neither proves nor disproves anything.  As someone with a strong science/research background, I have to say you seem to know little about the terminology or the proper procedures used in conducting credible research.  A hypothesis is a guess.  It is your projected outcome, and your experiement either proves or disproves that guess.  Something cannot be proven if working on assumptions, it can only be theorized.  That is why it is called Theoretical Quantum Physics..


Stonewolf, I am DONE with this.  You do not MOVE off topic nonsense from one thread to another.  I do not want to see anymore.  If you have something to say to Jen, take it to JEN.  It has no business on Leisha's thread.  What are you THINKING!!?  Not another thing, unless it is on topic. 


Leisha... I apologize.  I *thought* we could have logical research based discussions, I was wrong.  It will end now.

See, if you have a flawed experiment, don't be surprised when you get flawed data.


If you cannot prove that the people you're starting with are not human, then you don't have a valid experiment. I have poor reactions to metals. I'm not fae. You've got observer bias, susceptibility bias, and placebo effect smeared all over this "experiment". As such, all of your data would be stuff I'd throw out. If you cannot prove the accuracy of your sampling data and did not do this as a double blind (which you couldn't do because you were a part of the experiment and wrapping known shapes in paper is not a way to ensure blinded conditions), then it's a worthless experiment. In addition, because you're likely doing this from a microdosage level (unless you were using different amounts for each or are very, very wealthy), then you've got that problem. In addition, all of the metals you used would not have been pure. 


Like I said...flawed experiment = worthless data.


For people who have "dog souls", I suggest that they eat their own excrement the way many dogs are want to do. You'd be surprised how quickly they change their tune. ;)
No... you will NOT repost it.. you will not post another thing here or there unless it IS relevent.  And this is NOT. 


what I have reported has only been picked apart.

Yes, that's what people do in the science industry. (Although it is amusing to me that as I'm sitting here responding to this, I'm also working on edits to a glucocorticoid study, so I do have science on the mind tonight at least.)


I don't believe that scientific experiments can really apply on Magic. All we know about it is that works and we have methods that *most* of the time prove successful. This is not about the endless possibilities of Magic or experiments though. To be honest, your experiment has little to nothing to do with the fae since the reactions to the metals could be chemical, projective and/or energetic with the fae completely out of the equation.


If you post ANYTHING expect it to be picked apart. We do not just post stuff and accept them at face value. People will pick things apart and counter them or add to them. Period.


As the group owner I must now ask EVERYONE to stop needless bickering or derailing threads. I will give half an hour to make sure no one has missed this (it will also be posted in the comments section of the group). After half an hour has passed even mere mention of bitching, bickering or previous issues irrelevant to the thread at hand will be dealt with a kick from the group. THIS is your warning folks. I won't allow my group to turn into the latest RP bitchfest.

Eh, I think there's still room for logical research-based discussions. Back in my college days, I was one of the folks who hung around with folks who thought they were fae.... thankfully I grew out of my foolishness (most of them did not, and are still capital L losers, from what I've heard through the grapevine). It was my work in my science degree that showed me beyond any doubt about how silly these claims are. Still, I'd love to give anyone a chance to prove the improbable...or slam them down into oblivion if they fail. Such is the Grail, eh?
Another amusing "fae don't like iron" anecdote... most of the "fae" I knew who claimed that also were college kids who lived off of a life of cereal. If you can't handle iron, you can't eat those kinds of cereal. Just sayin'.
See, for me, a study of the fae isn't about magic. If they are physical beings (as is being claimed), then it isn't a case of magic.... it's biology.



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