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All living beings have Energy Bodies that underline their physical bodies. Broadly speaking the energy body contains a central channel and two side chanels that are intertwined with it. The side channels switch sides at several points, which are refered to as Chakras.


The pattern these channels make is refered to as the CADCEUS. 

The central channel corresponds with the spine, and the energy centres have physical correspondences in the endrocrine system. The healthier the endocrine system is, the healthier the body will be.

The Caduceus symbol is mostly related to the medical proffession. It is also known as The staff of Hermes. It is a symbol of balance and wellness in the energy body. The staff represents the spinal column and the serpents represent balance, similar to the Ying/Yang symbol. It represents strength and self control on the lower levels (snakes), and the higher levels (wings).


The energy lives in every human being, and to achieve divinity we need to activate and clear all the knots along the staff/spine. These are known as CHAKRAS. The journey of the Kundalini energy begins at the lower centre of the spine and burns it way up through the chakras, rising to the crown, and enlightenment. 



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The governing channels run down the front and up the back.o the CADCEUS is the Ida "left" and Pingala "right" and the Sushumna runs through the core of the spine and chakras.



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