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I'd love your recommendations for a good place to purchase crystals for energy work. I know the options are endless and your personal experiences would help very much.


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I love buying mine at the quarries themselves, but then again, I like the raw material. A friend of mine has a polishing drum so I can have the raw stones polished by him if I want. Most quarries also have stores which sell polished stones. I don't know if you have a quarry of your desired stone near you but some even send crystals over the mail!


My favorite online store! her prices are good. doesn't charge shipping if you are in the U.S. (or she use to not any way) and she is a scientist, a geologist i believe, so she knows her stones and crystals!

She also has a facebook  page!/hibiscus.moon

I wish I did have a quary around here. I'll keep that in mind while we're traveling out west this summer. Maybe I'll find one that sells.


Thanks for the etsy link :)





depending on what you are looking for, I think we may have it in our vast collection.  We travel to Tuscon ever 3 years to the Gem Show and then to Quartzite for the Gem and Rock show there.  Hubby is GIA trained as well as an Archaeologist, so identification is a big thing for us.


Let me know what you are looking for and I will see what we can do to get it for you..




I like buying mine at Crystals, and at rock and gem shows. I like to be able to hold them to see if they "burn" me before I buy them :) I'm quite picky... :P I used to frequent one of these locations at one of the malls in my area before they moved. They sold products like crystals, gems, & healing stones. I have a handful of them myself.
My local lapidary shop.  I avoid the new-age shops if I can as I find them very over priced.  Once a year we have a rock and gem show in my city and that can be a very good place to get serious deals.

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