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Nevermind the misspelling witch behind the curtain

It really is annoying when ever I hear or see the red herring terminology like this little gem I found online, by someone in my area who promotes himself as a local leader and is taking students, for a minimal fee, to teach Craft:

"I call what I teach, a modified form of Gardinarian Wicca. What that…


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Considering Coven-style practice?

Considering coven-style practice?  One might first ask you --- what is it you are looking for in a coven?


  • Are you wanting to train in a specific tradition?
  • Are you seeking mentorship with more active or advanced practitioners?
  • Are you simply looking for others to socialize with who share similar spiritual interests?
  • Are you desperate to get help with some problems, both magical and mundane that you…

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On the term "Elder"

When you get to a public or semi-public forum for paganism, eventually you will hear the term "elder" being bandied about --- those who claim it based upon their chronological age, those entitled to it because of the longevity of their experience in paganism or the Craft, those who proclaim it because they are "public fixtures" in their local community, those who rally against it because they're convinced it is all an ego-mongering,…


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Charm School: Miss Manners for the Pointy Hat Crowd

Did you know that there are delicate matters of etiquette and…


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Book Smarts - a BTW suggested reading list

Sometimes I've been asked what are some books I'd recommend for those who are just coming into learning about the Craft, and this is the list I pass along.  Most of the tomes on here are those which would be of…


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Blessings from the smiling, yet oft Salmon-bruised

Blessings from the smiling, yet oft Salmon-bruised

Nota Bene:  This enumerated list has been born of my own experiences as a seeker and eventual initiate of British Traditional Wicca (BTW). Your experiences my vary.  But having personally done many a tango, waltz and mosh-pit slam dance with the Salmon of Knowledge along the way, I…

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Imbolc - thoughts on the turning Wheel

((a reprint from my personal blog-site))


Tomorrow's the local, invitation-only circle with some of the various trad folks in attendance. We do a round-robin of these more generic versions of our holiday celebrations, just so that we can hang out with a larger group of…


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