RP 2.0 is nearly here!

Well folks it has taken much longer than we expected, but we think it has been worth it... I am pleased at last to announce the new site will be coming online in approximately 14 days. This is only a preliminary announcement, more details will be forthcoming very soon.

The new site is called Pagan Crossroads and has been custom designed to suit our needs and will expand to add new facilities and features as we desire them.

There is also a far more powerful and we hope reliable chat engine, which means that it will be possible to stage a variety of different chat events.

As a result of all this it means that Real Pagan on Ning (the present site) will close at the end of October. So folks will need to recover any materials they wish to keep from Real Pagan before that date. Obviously members of the Cabal will be around to help answer any questions.

More soon...


The Cabal

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C. Adley Tenenbaum replied to MELISSA SHUSTER's discussion The Book of Lies in the group Aleister Crowley
"Sure.  I'm an initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis and have been involved in the order since 2010.  I have some insight into the works, so I'll be happy to chat."
2 hours ago
C. Adley Tenenbaum replied to Lady Skydancer's discussion African Influence in Gardnerian Wica in the group Traditional Wicca
"As an initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis and a Gardnerian High Priest, let me first address the Obeah and Wanga on a Thelemic point.  These words are used in The Book of the Law, the holy book of Thelemites.  As commentary shows from…"
2 hours ago
C. Adley Tenenbaum joined Shiori E Hatagawa's group

Traditional Wicca

This is a group for initiated members and friends of Traditional Wiccan lineages such as Gardnerian, Alexandrian, and CVW trads.See More
2 hours ago
Alex replied to Severinus's discussion Grey School of Wizardry
"I was tired when i wrote that, i think it was mentioned earlier, though i wasn't really trying to say it had any accreditation, just that it wouldn't seem very reliable even if it "did" since it hasn't been around long. "
4 hours ago




Grey School of Wizardry

Started by Severinus in General Discussions. Last reply by Alex 4 hours ago. 18 Replies

What do you think of that school on www.greyschool.compersonally i like it, just love the Harry potter hogwart school concept with the 4 houses ;-)im currently…Continue

Tags: wizardry, of, school, grey

Explanation Please

Started by Harobed in General Discussions. Last reply by C. Adley Tenenbaum 20 hours ago. 9 Replies

Ok as a Hedgewitch Im a bit out of the box and non traditional .Having said that Im pretty knowledgable about other paths .I came across this early today    ", including pentacles made of wax as old…Continue

MJ's Soapbox-Look before you Lunge

Started by MJ in General Discussions. Last reply by Christopher Blackwell yesterday. 8 Replies

Blessings, It has been awhile since I last sat down to write....I happened to have come across something that I thought I would share... A year or two ago, a young individual,(I say young as they…Continue

Real Pagan 2.0 is nearly here!

Started by Steve Paine in General Discussions. Last reply by Mystic Moonwolf on Wednesday. 4 Replies

Well folks it has taken much longer than we expected, but we think it has been worth it... I am pleased at last to announce the new site will be coming online in approximately 14 days. This is only a…Continue

Welcome to, the site for Real World Pagans.

We are your online community for Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Magicians of every flavor and tradition. We seek to differ from the rest of the online pagan community by placing a special emphasis on quality. Real people. Real spirituality. You won't find vampires, role-players, missionaries or similar questionable, pagan-irrelevant personalities here -- just real folks that love and treasure their path. Understanding this, we remain open to traddie, eclectic, new and old alike. If you are a genuine person, welcome aboard.

But, like elsewhere, in order to keep the site in working order and maintain group cohesion, we have a few rules that must be understood. By entering our site, you agree to abide by the following rules:


  • 18+ only, please. Be honest with your age. It protects both you and our community.
  • No pornographic content. This is a site for adults, not an 'adult site.'
  • English is the language spoken by the owners and moderators of this site. As such, we are not able to offer moderation in other languages. We ask that English be used at all times. Special Dispensation may be granted with the approval of Cabal.
  • No excessive profanity or insults.
  • No trolling, cyber-bullying, or hatespeak. This includes racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-Tradition/Religion/anti-eclectic, or proselytizing remarks.
  • No spamming.
  • No playganism (role-playing paganism), were-creatures, "vampires" or other fictional entities allowed. Let's keep the site living up to its name.


It should also be understood that the definitions pertaining to Wicca and Witchcraft are to be accepted and understood in the matter defined and implemented in their proper use within this network.  See the following post for more informationDefinitions

We're all adults here, so simple self-moderation should be easy, but this is a moderated community, and if action is needed, it will be invoked. Otherwise, enjoy your stay. Sit back and learn or share a thing or two. Create or respond to a forum thread and feel free to join us in chat. Most of all, have some fun in doing it.

If you experience any issues, or have any suggestions, please talk to Steve Paine, MJ, Sutra, Crucialprism, or Siva.

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