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Ms. Witch(Sara) replied to Nikolai Christovic's discussion The Penticle in Nature and Symbolism?
"Sutra, branching of what you have already said I will add: I love using the apple as a pentacle on my altar. It is the perfect item to use for many reasons. It is simple yet complex. It is from nature we nurture the apple tree so it will produce the…"
2 hours ago
Sutra replied to Nikolai Christovic's discussion The Penticle in Nature and Symbolism?
"Five is a sacred number in many religions and occult beliefs. The 5 Pillars of Islam, the 5 Wounds of Jesus, The Five books of Moses and the 5 Books of Psalms. There are hundreds of other examples of 5 having religious and spiritual value and the…"
4 hours ago
Nikolai Christovic replied to Nikolai Christovic's discussion The Penticle in Nature and Symbolism?
"And a good point, even if it wasn't intended the Magician and the Fool do indeed equal 5. That's one you've got and a good lesson it is, and you are right, they are indeed two halves of the same apple. Thank you Ronald for your…"
8 hours ago
Nikolai Christovic replied to Nikolai Christovic's discussion The Penticle in Nature and Symbolism?
"Lolrofpmp. Yes Ronald and thank you. Spelling has always been one of my week points. See I told you. That's weak. Hmmm, perhaps that means it takes me an average of a week to figure out how to spell something right, =D. Just the same thank you…"
8 hours ago




The Penticle in Nature and Symbolism?

Started by Nikolai Christovic in General Discussions. Last reply by Ms. Witch(Sara) 2 hours ago. 5 Replies

What are the many ways you see the Penticle reflected in nature and the symbols of your chosen path? What do these things teach you about existence/life?Continue

ATTN: MEMBERS NEW AND OLD Tell us about you Survey

Started by Ms. Witch(Sara) in General Discussions. Last reply by Sutra 17 hours ago. 32 Replies

I came up with this Idea due to a few new members joining lately and due to the site not being as active this time of year I thought it would be a fun thing for new members as well as the senior…Continue

The Wheel of the Year

Started by MJ in General Discussions. Last reply by Nikolai Christovic yesterday. 19 Replies

Good Day Everyone,We are trying a new discussion about the Wheel of the Year..... We are looking for everyone to share how, and why, they may choose to incorporate the Wheel of the Year..... Please…Continue

What would you have done differently - Wednesday 20th May 9pm EST

Started by Steve Paine in RP E-Zine. Last reply by Ms. Witch(Sara) yesterday. 2 Replies

Our next themed chat is about things you would have done differently on your path. So come share the mistakes, missed turns and other twists you have experienced on your spiritual journey.So please…Continue

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We are your online community for Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Magicians of every flavor and tradition. We seek to differ from the rest of the online pagan community by placing a special emphasis on quality. Real people. Real spirituality. You won't find vampires, role-players, missionaries or similar questionable, pagan-irrelevant personalities here -- just real folks that love and treasure their path. Understanding this, we remain open to traddie, eclectic, new and old alike. If you are a genuine person, welcome aboard.

But, like elsewhere, in order to keep the site in working order and maintain group cohesion, we have a few rules that must be understood. By entering our site, you agree to abide by the following rules:


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It should also be understood that the definitions pertaining to Wicca and Witchcraft are to be accepted and understood in the matter defined and implemented in their proper use within this network.  See the following post for more informationDefinitions

We're all adults here, so simple self-moderation should be easy, but this is a moderated community, and if action is needed, it will be invoked. Otherwise, enjoy your stay. Sit back and learn or share a thing or two. Create or respond to a forum thread and feel free to join us in chat. Most of all, have some fun in doing it.

If you experience any issues, or have any suggestions, please talk to Steve Paine, MJ, Sutra, Crucialprism, or Siva.

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