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Greetings and bright blessings!

My name is Tracy and you might have seen a couple of blogs from yrs ago. Well ingore Ive been hiding out for a good reason, well good enough for me. A yr ago i had my third neck surgerie, and as recovering i became ill with Chronic Fatigue Sycdrum...WOW....and wow itwas...and still is...but it seems to be getting slowly better!                       Never in my life did i think i would indup with the stranges diease ive ever heard of. And i began grand maul seizures…


Added by Tracy on February 9, 2017 at 0:12 — 2 Comments

Combining Traditions..Pt 1

Merry Meet all, Ive been lurking around the site for sometime now. I havent done alot of posting, because I must admit to being alittle intimidated by all the knowledge filled folks! Ive been looking for a jumpiing off point, and i think ive found it. Id like to blog today about combining trads. This is something we have all seen done with alot of the media based neo-pagan groups and I believe most of us find it extremely irriatating. But what happens when a Traditional group wants to add/ or… Continue

Added by Tracy on January 16, 2011 at 11:58 — 2 Comments


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