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Reaping What You Sow........Braides ...Poppets and Smudges

As a HedgeWitch this is the season that Im at my busiest.It's both time to process what I harvested in the spring and had curing,plus there is a ton to reap ,dry and process now.Above is a basket of some of my recent work; braides ,smudges and a Wheat spiral .Wheat is a wonderful  time honoured reagent to use in spells .Wheat contains the spirit of the earth and harvest .It is used in spells asking Gaia's blessings,or for  growth and fertility.The braids are quite easy to make and…


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Lets Get Crafty ... Last Minute Yule


Yule is the time of year where you give your best to other people.In my world that means I craft their gifts rather than give out Wallyworld gift cards.So while the bulk of the population are racing around going into debt.Im in the middle of finishing the many Yule presents that I make.I have to tell you this is not just a labor of love…


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So its the time of year that all of us put that extra witchy energy into our efforts.As I have said in the past everything a witch makes should be infused with their magical purpose.Every wreath a witch makes should be prepared with a wise eye towards the materials she uses ,and the intent she…


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In the garden: Entry 1

I started gardening in the middle of April. It is now the beginning of summer. The plants currently in the garden are sunflowers, wildflowers, rosemary, sage, lavender, lamb's ear, zion, and hydrangea. I want to get some Jasmine.

The rosemary is slowly dying, and I'll likely cut a few sprigs before it completely dies out. Its needles are sticky and become fragrant when rubbed. It is a medium green and is supposed to get blue flowers, but I haven't gotten to see any yet. According…


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Back to basics 2

MM all,

I hope you all are well. I have been a little busy this week, I picked up an extra shift at work, we got a new Telemetry system and I had to take two classes to learn everything about it. I just wanted to talk a little bit about the things I have been doing that have been making me feel great. (Besides harvest season, living in a farming community has it advantages, awesome local produce but the allergies I get from the harvest are not so nice)

I mentioned before that I…


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I am unlimited and you can be too!

Blessings and Welcome!

First off, I just got done making rose water and homemade flea spray and bug repellent for the cats. I ordered a lot of new oils from I ordered a few empty bottles and a spray nozzle plus essential oils: Lavender, Cedar wood, tea tree, and pennyroyal, and almond carrier oil. I hope to start selling homemade facial scrub, and my rose water on ebay. MAYBE.

The next thing on my going green/life detox is to…


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Some Good Old Organization part 3

Okay well I will start out by sharing another wonderful helpful website

This is such an informative site. I found it when searching for what to use and how to use chia seeds. There is a wonderful article on there about how the author uses them.

I took the plunge this week and bought soap nuts(a laundry detergent alternative that is all natural), the oils for my cats, chia seeds, huck towels and cloth…


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Planning My First Witch's Garden

So I'm making plans for my garden. I think my herb garden and my lavender are just going to HAVE to go in pots. The area where I'm moving to has very damp soil because of the mountain behind my house so I'm not going to try growing the delicate stuff in the wet earth. Some things do like it damp so I'm going to research that for my other plants like regular flowers etc. There is a very pretty little tree but I have no idea what it is, I can't wait till it blooms in the spring to find…


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Root working The Hedge Witch way.......The Mulberry That Came To Me


Every project has its beginnings and mine for the most part come to me dirt covered and humble.during the spring my buddy Kendal had to pull a few invading 5-6 foot Mulberry trees from his property.Armed with his spade he popped them out of the ground to discover that 3 seasons of drought…


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War of the Ants

Augh...You know? I love critters, big and small.. not that I'm a big fan of things that buzz and sting (I usually end up running the opposite direction with both arms wiggling in the air.. and screaming)..  But ants? I truly am getting tired of them.

A colony of red and black ants has moved into my new herb bed.  I'm VERY unhappy as they are making a huge colony right on the side of the circle area and very very close to my Hyssop....  Here you can see some of the herbs (about…


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Lets Get Crafty ......Advanced Potions Hauling Out The Big Guns

A few days ago a life long friend approached me with a major problem.her husband of many years now well into his seventies was going to under go a procedure to unblock arteries.Mere minuets before he was sedated for the procedure his bi-polar crack addict of a son turned up and caused a huge…


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Lets Get Crafty.....A Witchy Hippy "Kitchen Witches" Wreath

Welcome my Dears !Well Its cold Im bored so for the last few days this is what Ive worked on.

Brimming with groovy energy ,this wreath is my bow to the Kitchen Witch,Or in my home better known as " Oh She of the Chaotic Kitchen". I had to think alot on this because a kitchen witch is so much more than…


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KittyNel's herbs. =D

I don't know if this will actually take off as a meme, but I wanted to try because I'm all happy after reorganising my petty collection of herbs. I just went through my herbs, wrote down everything I have, and now I'm posting it on here because I'm excitable and want to see what everyone else has in their herb collection. Soooo, if you're up to it, do a herb stocktake and blog what you have. =)

I also think you can tell what's going on in a person's life by the herbs they have. I'm being… Continue

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Lets Get Crafty........Besoms

So today Im going to talk about one of the oldest of the witches tools (and a favorite of mine) the Besom.A Besom represents both the Goddess and God.The handle is considered masculine, while the broom part is feminine. Besoms also represent purification, protection, fertility and prosperity. The broom can be used to sweep a sacred space before performing a ritual. This is a purification activity rather than a physical cleaning.Usually the witch will… Continue

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My Groovy Apple Burbon Bottle

Yes thats right Im already knee deep in the crafting of Yule presents ,and this is one of

the first to be finished.It's filled with Apples(dried by me) ,cinnamon sticks ,a sparce pinch of Nutmeg ,2 pinchs ground Ginger ,a tablespoon of honey,3 shots Reble Yell Burbon ,"the burbon is optional but it really makes it", and olive oil.MMMMM Yummy!!

Rebel Yell is only available on my side of the Mason Dixon line ,you folks up north

will have…


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Lets Get Crafty ....A Witchy Wreath Of Protection

Welcome my lovelies !I recently completed a huge protection ward /witches wreath for a friend .This offered up the ideal opportunity for me to share some of the how to of crafting a ward of protection.First off she had her own wreath form she wanted used. Although very nice it was too flimsy to weave the center or support what was going to go on it ,I solved this by tying in a smaller sturdier wreath to the center ,thus creating a stable palet to add to.Before tying the smaller wreath to the… Continue

Added by Harobed on November 30, 2010 at 1:12 — 3 Comments

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