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Holiday Thoughts......

Life has a way of completing circles that are left unfinished..... Tis strange , but so true...

I hope that all, had a joyous holiday today.

That you were able to spend it with people who are special to you , and recall just how lucky you are to have them.......

Often, we forget, in the day to day struggles, to say Thank You for what blesses our lives. Like so many holidays, recognizing the people and blessings, shouldn't only happen on a holiday designated for this....It is…


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The Season of Giving

The Season of Giving

Is not now

just because it's the end of the year

it's every season

it's every day…


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Counting Minute Details



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Make the Connection


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tellurian may refer to:

anything pertaining to Earth, Earthing, worldling,

Tellurians - inhabitants of the earth.…


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Money Saving tips for the season and all year around

We all love saving money? Dare I even question this? If you are like me you want to know where your money is going, how to save as much as you can, how to get the best deal and how to make your bills as low as possible as well as what you can reuse, or not even buy at all for there are better alternatives.

I will list some of the tips that have worked for me and that I do myself on a regular basis.

My #1 tip

Use the resources that you have at the tips of your fingers,…


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Thanksgiving Challenge

Hey all,

This week has been so busy and I have not had much time to post. I have to work on thanksgiving so I thought I would share my holiday plan.

First off, we had our first snow a few weeks ago, my husband and I put the Thanksgiving and Christmas sheets on the bed, they are green, tan and red plaid flannel. 100% cotton. We also put the heavier quilt on the bed.

We had Thanksgiving with my husbands extended family last weekend. There was a HUGE meat variety. I had a…


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    retelling of what I remember from a story our shaman told when I was a child

    Come in Priest of the Dead God, you are welcome at the shrine of the Moon. Brother Michael is it ? You may call

    me Seaspirit, Take a cup of mead and some honey cakes, and we will talk of the old days, you who are so young and I who am so old now, 40 years I have served as a Lady Of The Lake. I don't remember my life before here, the days were full we rose…

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Samhain to Halloween

Gave this talk once to a woman's group October meeting, and asked people to bring something 'halloween' bad move.. someone brought a witch bottle they found in the chimney of the house they were renovating, for effect I started with the cleansing ritual just to get everyone in a spookie mood, got as far as lighting the candle, and it refused to light, yes really, .........

samhain to halloween ...a talk SAMHAIN TO HALLOWEEN

I will start with the bones, for the story…


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Just something from my heart and mind. And I'm only 23

Some ppl think I have the mouth of an old one or that I'm wise beyond my years. But it's the time one takes to themselves without anything from the world. Like food and water for example. It's essentially important for the body to have these. But not as important to pray and meditate and to feed you inner self with peace. If the rest of the world did this besides a select few. We can all be at peace. Allowing yourself to see what's really important

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Love life for what it is

Much love from North Dakota. And our creator. We are all blessed in this life. Life is cruel and harsh but that's reality of life. Without the hardships the creator offers us we wouldn't know the meaning of Love, Hope, Faith, Prayer, Friends, and most of all the meaning of family. Of being there for one another. Many obstacles the creator puts on our life's journey so we may learn. Not only for ourselves and to heal ourselves. But also for our many loved ones around us.

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Maiden Mother & Crone....

Maiden Mother & Crone....



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“Magyk is as you live it”



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Wow. Such Knife. Very Enchant.

So, I haven’t done any major magical projects in a while, and tonight seemed like a good night to flex those muscles. It’s a full moon, there’s a meteor shower, and a random thunderstorm cropped up.

Raven and I have, in the past, been on several hunting trips involving dark naturals, demons, spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, and other such. Usually we borrowed any potentially-needed weaponry from our friend Ralakk, or used magical items that could also function as weapons in a pinch,…


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And Now I Challenge You

Blessings All,

The purpose of this blog I am going to talk about trying new things. We have all been through this. When I was a child I loved all food there was  never anything I wouldn't eat except cooked beets and cooked sauerkraut. Now I juice beets and will eat raw sauerkraut in probiotic burritos and I will even put raw sauerkraut on my veggie burgers. So in this blog I will tell you what new things I tried today and I have a challenge for you!

For dinner today I…


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Goddess Food Part 2

Greetings all!

It has been in the 20's and 30's here. It is 31 degrees right now. We got our first snow last night! It started out as a 'wintery mix' and then snow started falling shortly after. My husband and I threw an extra blanket on the bed last night. We cuddled up and our two cats joined us as well the central heating is set at 62 degrees. We has a mini space heater in our bedroom that is turned on all night while we sleep as well. 

Today I had a few errands to run and I…


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Nature 2

Ok here's more pics from our honeymoon of nature.


This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip. It was taken at Rocky mountain national park. I wish I could've got a sticker like this of my own for my home. :)








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hey everyone,

I thought I would share all the nature pics from our honeymoon with all of you. We went to Colorado for a week.


A turtle by the river in Belleville, Kansas. This wasn't far from the little hotel we stayed…


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Am I a Cheapskate??

Blessings all,

I have been watching a show called Extreme Cheapskates. It is available on Netflix and the new season is currently airing on the TLC network. This show has got me thinking.


So on the show it follows one to two people and chronicles their daily routine or lifestyle on how they save money. Some people dig in dumpsters for "good" "clean" food and that is all they eat. My issue with this is: Yes I know how much food people waste, BUT even if it is…


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The Goddess Kitchen

Morning All,

I have a busy week planned so I am trying to get all my focus and thoughts down for everyone who reads while I have the spare time. Why am I not in bed you ask? My husband is working over this week, so on the nights I am not at work I am going to try and stay up, if not I'll just get woke up a few hours after going to sleep.


I just got through cleaning my kitchen and wanted to talk about all the items I use everyday and focus more on the small items. I…


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Goddess Food

Good Morning all,

I want to share some of the REAL Foods I eat or drink everyday. Please comment below with some real foods that you enjoy.

-Simply Orange Juice or fresh squeezed juice(I add a TBS of apple fiber into a glass once-three times daily). Simply Orange brand is the best Raw brand I can find in my area. There are no preservatives and no water added, however I do not know if the oranges are Organic. I checked their website and didn't see anything. I did learn that when…


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