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The energy.

I could feel the power pulsing through me on the eclipse. Working with a water sign,when im an earth,gave the circle such a beautiful yet,strange balance. Everthing falls into place,in one way or another. I hope as we yearn towards yule that,the universe chucks some clarity my way. Putting up the yule tree soon,almost done decking out the altar. And,in bright of the holiday cheer!! ->  …


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Mercury Slingshot

In my last post, I told about how I made Mercury my patron deity. Well a lot has happened in the last few days.

First, I am the subject of psychic attack by a certain occult group. Mercury decided to take care of this for me. He had me set up a ritual for the 26th of November, where I reenacted ritually, the defeat of Set by Horus. In the myth, Thoth (Mercury) cast spells on Horus to go out and defeat the forces of Set. The 26th was the day that Mercury went direct from…


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Healing spell.

Well,today the moon is pulsing with power,to her fullest. And I think that as,the lunar eclipse is upon me,I should do something for someone else. I always notice the saddness of others around yule,more then any other time of year. I feel as I walk my path,I should try to brighten the lives of my brothers & sisters. Sadly,my partner has been struggling endlessly as well. So I think im going to do…


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Mental Illness And The Craft

I've read quite a few articles written my respected members of the craft that are surprisingly disparaging to 'allowing' mentally ill people to practice the craft or join covens. One in particular that I recall said that no mentally ill person should be allowed in the circle as it might screw up the energy.

Now I've been Bipolar for a bit longer than I've been Pagan (10 years Pagan 15 Bipolar) When I started learning about the craft I was unmedicated and only had a few problems…


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Planning My First Witch's Garden

So I'm making plans for my garden. I think my herb garden and my lavender are just going to HAVE to go in pots. The area where I'm moving to has very damp soil because of the mountain behind my house so I'm not going to try growing the delicate stuff in the wet earth. Some things do like it damp so I'm going to research that for my other plants like regular flowers etc. There is a very pretty little tree but I have no idea what it is, I can't wait till it blooms in the spring to find…


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Choice Without Viewing Consequence

We are Pagan. We embrace the idea of free will and choice without reservation or judgementalism, we accept that everyone has the choice to choose to do, be and will as he or she wills to do. if we are to judge another on their choices or actions, we invite others to judge us upon our own.

Recently, a friend of mine hanged himself in a very public and graphic way. It was his choice and he definitely put will behind it, but I'm not so sure that he measured the effect that his…


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Mercury behind the Veil

I had been thinking recently about choosing a patron deity, but couldn't decide who to choose. Finally, yesterday, on Thanksgiving, which was also my wife's birthday this year, I realized that Mercury needed to be my Patron. I have worked a good bit with Mercury, and had studied him quite a bit. He was correlated historically with Hermes, Thoth, hermes Trismegistus, and also Odin and St. Michael (as well as Cernunnos perhaps). I decided to build him a small altar and created three icons to go… Continue

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Why am I a Wiccan?

I am not a Wiccan because I think it is the absolute truth, or even the truest religion or philosophy. I am inclined to think that no one religion or philosophy is the truest. I used to think that Christianity was, but it wasn't.

Here is what I think might be true.

Ultimate Reality is one.

The One becomes a duality - yin and yang, and we call this masculine and feminine.

Reality can be influenced by what I will and do, even psychically, because ultimately all is… Continue

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Alright, so here is my first official post! This is going to be a sort of introduction to myself and what I'm going to use this sort of blog for.

Without any further a due, let's dive in!

Alright, so my name is Coral and I've been having some problems. A lot to do with psychic energies and my psychic mind. Well, I'm going to be posting what happens to me. It may not be a daily thing as these things tend to be random and out of the blue.

I'm using this…


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Hexing And Vexing The Hedge Witch Way

So often Ive had people comment on a basket by my door ,wreath tucked into my garden ,that I decided to give you some real insight into my Hedge Witch ways.Spells aren't always burned or tucked into jars and hidden away most of my outdoor creations are spells.I'm not talking gardens now ,I'm talking about all that…


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Some For Me And Some For My Fey......A HedgeWitchy Harvest

Today I picked the last of the years Pomegranates .These tough skinned fruit are always the last crop for me.They never ripened until cold hits them and I have to nab them quickly or the critters will get them.When fully ripe the tough skin will split open to reveal the blood red seeds inside.…


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Stag - Spirit Animal?

*I tried to log in the other day but it said the server name was unavailable?*



It happened again. And it ONLY happens when I feel like we've transcended sex, that it's more than that, to put a cheese-infested tag on it - "love-making" ick.

I saw things again. It's always an odd feeling, because usually they are split second glimpses into something else. Before I have found myself (and I believe he was there too) in some sort of Viking room, I'm not…


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Bless you for your Anger

Bless you for your Anger, for it is a sign of Rising Energy.

Direct it not at your family, waste not on your enemy.

Transform the energy into versatility & it will bring you prosperity.

Bless you for the times you see evil. Evil is energy mishandled & it feeds on your support. Feed it not & it will self destruct.

Shed light & it will cease to be.

Bless you for your jealousy, for it is a sign of empathy. Direct it not at your family. Direct…


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A single voice from the youth of a 22 yr old.

How much more suffering can the "American government and the B.I.A inflict upon the people. They dig in the earth for coal in return for money, health care, education, aid the people in what we need help with. But instead we get polluted air and hardly any help. AGAIN with OIL promise of more money and enviomental help. Now we have polluted air AND contaminated water and earth. New sickness are arising amongst the elderly and youth. What happened to the AMERICAN promise of helping our people…


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I am a Healer/Medium/Clairvoyant and will be doing a presentation,as well as readings/healings at this 2 day conference.PLEASE come and support us! all our classes/workshops and any help given to us to start up a business,etc is all funded by WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Please visit  for more information…


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