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I've started my own business and working on my official website. I make magickal items and art and you can see and buy my stuff at,

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Things I do when I am sick, some may make you laugh.

Yesterday when I woke up I had a scratchy throat and a little bit of a cough, as the evening went on I got that stuffy nose, tightness in my chest and pressure in my ears. Not fun.

First thing I did was take 2 Echinacea capsules, 2 vitamin C capsules and a up of hot lemon water.(along with my folate and probiotic) I used my netti pot later on as symptoms got worse along with a saline nasal spray.

Once I do all that. I take a 2x5 muslin bag and fill it with a couple of wedges of…


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Celebrating Samhain...

Samhain (pronounced Sow-wen), also called Hallowmas, is the final festival in the Witches' year. It is celebrated on October 31st. The word Samhain means 'Summer's End'. It is the first day of Winter and the Witch's New Year. In earlier agricultural societies, Samhain was also the end of the Harvest, the time to put aside the seed corn for the coming Spring.

It was a time for feasting, too, as the weaker animals were culled and killed. Only the livestock most likely to make it through…


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On A New Stretch Of Pathway.

As of late I have been struggling personally with myself on all levels. So just as the summer had set in, I have decided to start making major changes in my life, down to outward appearance. Then at the Lammas ritual, I "broke down" and asked a few Pagan Pen Pal friends of mine if they would become my mentors for this process. All of them agreed which made me feel a lot better about my soon to be major adjustment.

I have started a new Book Of Shadows which will be done in 4…


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I really need to get back to meditating

Before I began doing rituals with a group, ALL of my "spell casting" and everything else was done through meditation and visualization, sans physical tools.

Eyes closed, head bowed or body rocking in a repetitive motion, dim lighting, no distractions.

All I really had tools-wise was my mini- altar covered in various rainbow-colored candles and a yellow lighter that never wanted to work quite right. Irony.

Even in my adult life I find difficult the concept of a… Continue

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You know...

I find it funny how things come 'round.

It's like when you find the journal you haven't seen in ages and you pick it up only to laugh at the silliness you once thought was so serious...

I have recently discovered that my tolerance for BS has gotten much thinner.

I do, however, find it in a divine "re-aligning of the stars" bit of irony that I would stumble upon a clearing in the woods that lead me back to "the path;" Although, I feel as if this time it is going to be… Continue

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11 Years and a Day

It was 11 Years ago this Month that I started practicing Wicca and oh what a ride it has been. Even though I Things e.g. Taoism to my Ritual and Practice, I still bring it all back down to Wicca: my Home. In fact, for most of these 11 Years, I have used the Rituals found in "Nocturnal Witchcraft" and "Gothic Grimoire" both by Konstantinos for my Rituals for New and Full Moons and Seasonal Festivals. I met my best Friend, Patron, while practicing a Wiccan Ritual 11 Years ago this Month. Patron… Continue

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Niji Part 2 :(

Hey All,

Niji my dear friend of 16 years passed away yesterday afternoon. I posted a blog a few months ago explaining that the cancer was back and…


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The kittens are here!

Hey all,

Around 8am Sunday morning the kittens came! Boots was a lot farther along than we thought. I worked the night before and my husband was home. She started clawing at the back door(she was a stray that started coming around, I talk about her and Bones in the blog titled Sunday) he let her in for awhile trying to keep her hidden from our two cats. Rukia is more aggressive towards other cats and Onyx is just extra cautious. They have only ever been around each other so we wanted…


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In the mirror

Looking at myself in the mirror I say:

"Look at the life you live. Not what you thought it would be is it? So what are you gonna do? Get a divorce? Tough it out? Get over it? What? If I could go back I would tell you to do everything that you felt was right, even if you were wrong, you'd learn from it. Maybe I didn't learn enough."

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Hey everyone,

Wow it has been quite awhile since my last post! Last week we went on a trip to Paducah, KY. I post pics from that. Last night we opened our first bottle of wine that we brought home from the purple toad winery. It was a bottle of strawberry. We watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad, I love Bryan Cranston(hard to take him seriously in the show because I think of Hal from Malcom all the time :)) and had a glass of wine each after my dad left.

To begin our…


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