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What is home? Is it a place you live? Some where you keep all of you material things.  Is it a place where your family is born and brought up? Somewhere you find your roots.  Or is it a place that is beyond space and object? Somewhere attached to the core of your Spirit.  A place that your energy calls to . . . feeds from.  A place you were born with power and strength and knowledge, but not exactly the place you were born in flesh.

I've never quite had a place to call home. …


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Amnesia of the Spirit

From conception I was destined to do wonderful and great things. I was blessed with many gifts, gifts that I would never quite understand.  

My Home

Before birth I was gifted with Empathy and Sight.  I could feel, smell, and see my first home. The moment my mother stepped into the house that was to be ours I could see it from her eyes.  I could feel it with the touch of her hand and under our feet.  I could smell the acrid scent of smoke and ash.  There…


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Post #1: Intro

Just like the title suggests, just intro-ing for now. What I would like to point out from the get go is that I do have a separate LiveJournal on which I will be posting pretty much the same thing I will be posting here from time to time. So as much as I want to point out what it is I will be posting, its not going to be much different if you read or have read my LJ.

That said, I will have more in the next post. Till then, later!

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Enjoying summers bounty

Hey all its been a little while since my last post. But I want to talk today about summer food. Those of you who are members of spice goddess know that I have been cooking a lot of healthy garden recipes lately full of iron and other goodies. I am so thankful for the food that she (goddess) and he (god) provides. There is something magical about food from the earth isn't there? I have been cooking a Lot of zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, eggplant, tomato, corn and beans.

I have also… Continue

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To explain the title, I must do a little backstory. To begin, history is my first love.

Ancient Egypt is of particular importance. One of my clearest childhood memories is an argument revolving around the most advanced ancient civilization. I advocated quite passionately for Ancient Egypt, citing the evidence I'd seen on museum trips and documentaries. Cleopatra was my idol - when my friends were sick from school, she was my was pretend companion on the black top.

As I've aged, other… Continue

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  So, last week my husband and I found out we are expecting our second child! :)  We are excited but nervous at the same time because we are super broke but we'll make it through.  We always do.  First doctors appointment isn't until August 28th (three days after my classes start btw).  We are hoping for another boy, but of course we wouldn't be disappointed with a girl, lol. 

Anywho!  Just thought I'd share the good news :)  We haven't told the family yet, but everyone I work with…


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