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Be the changes you want to see in the world-Gandhi


As I prepare to write this, Onyx just jumped up on my lap. This is unusual, usually he sits at my feet and rolls around or rubs on my feet. So he must be giving his blessing for what I am going to talk about. Since he jumped up here I will start with the flea remedy that I am going to make thanks to a few RP members. I just finished making a list for my next visit to the Bulk store. So far on the list I have Clove oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil. All of these oils I am…


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Some good old organization part 2


I shared the three websites previously. I have been working on acquiring all the ingredients for my homemade deodorant. I picked up 4 pounds of baking soda at the local bulk herbs and spices store. I also found the Arrowroot powder I have been looking for. The prices there are great and they have just about everything depending on the season. I also stocked up on sweet corn for the freezer 6 ears for $1.25! My bill was under $5.00. They also have chia seeds which I have been…


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Some Good Old Organization

Merry Meet all,

It was a very bust week last week and this week as well. I wanted to take a moment and share a few wonderful websites with all of you that I stumbled across. Two are new and one I have used for awhile now.


It is a wonderful website, it has everything from mothering tips, organizing ideas/tips, baking tips, cleaning tips, making homemade cleaners to homemade cloth diapers. We have to…


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Part Five: Connections.

My Druidry is all about connections.

1)  My connection with myself.

Might sound a bit odd, that, but something I learned from day one was I was not fully connected to me

I know one of the aims of a witch is to know thyself, and I really thought I did, but it emerged as I studied Druidry further, I was not as fully connected to what makes me tick as I assumed I was. 

I was being…


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Part Four: So what's in my "Druid Book of Doom" then?

It would take me forever and a day to post that word for word so I'll have to some it up.

I will refer to the index page I made, in volume one.

In volume one:-

1)  Introduction.

2)  What is modern Druidry?

3)  What do modern Druids believe?

4)  How does modern Druidry work?

In volume two:-

1)  What's where?

2)  Who's who?

3)  How are modern Druids organized?

4)  What do modern Druids do?

5) …


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Part three continued: What else have I been discovering?

That my Druid Book of Doom, now in five volumes, is filppin' heavy!

Seriously though, there's a lot more to being a Modern Druid than I ever anticipated.

For a start, when I decided to become a Druid, I had this idea stuck in my head that I'd simply be wearing white robes, and find myself standing in circles at Stonehenge on the Solstices,

perhaps banging on a drum, or handing out ivy crowns, bits of ceremonial cake,  or whatever.

Maybe muttering a…


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Part three: So what is Modern Druidry like then?

Before I get any further I feel I should explain that I can't speak for all Druids. 

I can only tell you how it is for me, THIS Druid.

After I had withdrawn from the Order that had accepted me,

yet also found the attempted return to my Witchey ways was no longer making me feel "whole" either, for want of a better way of putting it,

I knew I had to get off my butt and put some groundwork in, under my own…


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Moving on: An Overview.

So, onto part two of my shiney new blog...!  Modern Druidry, through the eyes of a novice.

The whole notion of being a novice anything at the grand old age of 53 is something of a novelty to me, I must confess...  but then I guess it's always good to learn, no matter what age one finds oneself arriving at.  A day without gaining new knowledge and understanding is a day lost, I suppose.

When I was invited to join the on-line order I was accepted into last August…


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Getting started: My Anniversary.

I'm new to this blogging malarkey really, so it's a bit difficult to know what to write about to start with to be honest, I'm not even sure too many folk will actually want any insight into what makes this old girl tick, but I'll give it a shot, spurred on by reading others' blogs here earlier, and really enjoying them myself.

Today it's a year and a day since I officially took the turn from lifetime family tradition Witch, over to that of Druid novice, so something of a…


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Goddess question, and the things that got me there.


As it is my birthday today, and I have to work, I will not be writing all of this in one sitting. I will combine a bunch into one big post over the next few days. I just got done with a dance workout. I have a Beats Antique station on Pandora that I have been listening to and I just flow with it and dance away. I have been learning about a lot of different goddesses lately. I have been reading through a book called, “Teen Goddess” by Catherine Wishart. As I do not agree with…


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Conclusion to Lammas

Merry meet all,

We concluded our Lammas feast week with blackberry pancakes, fresh steamed green beans from the garden, corn on the cob steamed and buttered(beans and corn from my in laws' garden) cucumbers with ranch dressing from mine. Every year we make zucchini bread at least 3 times a year. I made a loaf for Lammas with zucchini from my in-laws garden. This year I used Ellen Dugan's recipe out of her book Seasons of witchery. Typically I use a family recipe. I will say I did add…


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