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Bessed Lammas to all Heres a little story for you Lug or Lugh /luɣ/; modern Irish: Lú /lu:/) is an Irish deity represented in mythological texts as a hero and High King of the distant past. He is kno…

Bessed Lammas to all

Heres a little story for you

Lug or Lugh /luɣ/; modern Irish: Lú /lu:/) is an Irish deity represented in mythological texts as a hero and High King of the distant past. He is known by the epithets Lámhfhada (pronounced /'la:wad ̪ ˠə/, meaning "long arm" or "long hand"), for his skill with a spear or sling, Ildánach ("skilled in many arts"), Samhildánach ("Equally skilled in many arts"), Lonnbeimnech ("fierce striker" or perhaps "sword-shouter") and Macnia ("boy… Continue

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New Call for Submissions


The author of Fulltrui, Patrons in Asatru and Embracing Heathenry is seeking submissions for a future title called:

The Heathen Family.

I am looking for submissions from both traditional and alternative families who call themselves heathen or practice paths encompassing the faith of Northern Europe.

I would like submissions on: child education, child rearing, child discipline,…


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As The Wheel Turns - Time Waits For No One

I was looking at the calendar a little while ago, wondering where the summer had gone...Lammas is almost upon us, and my tiny "window-box" garden has yet to bear any fruit; heavy rains or baby cats take out anything that wants to grow. There was a time when I HAD time to devote to a garden, or even a decent flowerbed or two. Chaos seems to grow rampant here at "Windy Acres" as of late...weeds abound where there was once lush grass, the aged trees have lost many limbs this year and neither my…


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The Next Step

So I did go the new moon ritual and man, it was amazing!  It was a spectacular demonstration of just how a coven should function!!  There was much discussion during feast about many things and it was wonderful to listen to the members bounce ideas and theories off of each other.  They honored each person's view and openly offered their own, without judgement.  I waited on pins and needles to see if I would be invited back.  Protocol dictates that the group needed to approve it, and I was…


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A Brief Autobiography of Apostasy

In my earliest of memories, I was raised conservative Christian. We attended church, a Baptist church just a hop and skip down the road from where I was raised, but it wasn't a Sunday ritual. In lieu of forced attendance, our Christianity was practiced at home. On most nights, my grandmother would read from the family Bible. We'd pray together before going to bed. Well over 20 years ago, I still remember many of the typical prayer recepients. These remain some of my fondest childhood…


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Lets Get Crafty....Butterflies Powerful Portents Of Change

As some of you already know Ive had my camera

chasing butterflies for weeks now.Why? Well inspiration

started with a tiny egg ! lol Earlier this summer

I popped outside to pluck a bit of fennel for salad.

As I reached out to start snipping ,something stilled my hand.

I bent…


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Science Fiction Authors List All Input Welcome

So I'm thinking about a blog that will be my first experiment in this.  As in ever!  The Main Idea is to see what people think about as far as science fiction goes and who they read that they are willing to share.  Also wanted is your opinion on elves, dwarves, ents, treants *yes there is a difference see if you can find it and let me know*, goblins, orcs, giants, faerie, faye, Sidhe.  Then of course there is the darker side of things, the Banshee *which legend do you go by*, The Green Man…


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Closed my Facebook Account Again.

Banishing negativity once more. 

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The Beginning of Phoenix Rayne

So here we go....I have been on my path basically since 1996.  I remember sitting in my friend's bedroom and we were talking about religion versus spirituality.  I was complaining that conventional Christianity was not suiting my needs and didn't know where else to turn.  He then asked me if I had ever considered Wicca.  I could feel myself pale, and I asked "What...you mean witchcraft?  Don't they worship the devil?"  He laughed and…


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Bloody Drum Rituals, Magic Drinks.

So my family went to a Traditional Music Festival called Bliss Festival this Weekend and I played at a drum circle. I was Banging on my drum so hard it broke my wedding ring and cut my hand and splatted the front of my drum with blood. That is after consuming some Magic Concoctions made by various distilleries. What a great weekend. Now my drum is consecrated. 

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Silver Wheel of The Earth

Silver Wheel

Silver Wheel of the earth

Many names you have been given…


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So thats that I guess...

The group I have been Kicking it with has finally died. Now it is just my wife and I. Its funny how everyone fell to being controlled by their circumstances to the point of even showing up to our flexible schedual. 

Why is it so hard to get people to have a good time howling at the moon? Strange.. 

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I Am A Bird

I am a bird

Cool damp mornings
Sunshine and fresh breezes
I fly
I soar
Over mountains
Beauty to the eye
I am a fox
Small and lithe
Sunsets and freedom
Sneaking through
Hollowed out trees
A wooded dream

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War of the Ants

Augh...You know? I love critters, big and small.. not that I'm a big fan of things that buzz and sting (I usually end up running the opposite direction with both arms wiggling in the air.. and screaming)..  But ants? I truly am getting tired of them.

A colony of red and black ants has moved into my new herb bed.  I'm VERY unhappy as they are making a huge colony right on the side of the circle area and very very close to my Hyssop....  Here you can see some of the herbs (about…


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Songs to use for Ritual

hey everybody! I just found this song online to use to the tune of "Amazing Grace" .. I'd love to find more stuff like this so if anyone has any idea where I can look let me know :) from http://www.sacred-texts.com/bos/bos223.htm

Amazing grace, how sweet the Earth

that bore a witch like me!

I once was burned, now I survive,

was hung and now I sing.

T'was grace that drew down the moon

and grace that…


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