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Reaping What You Sow........Braides ...Poppets and Smudges

As a HedgeWitch this is the season that Im at my busiest.It's both time to process what I harvested in the spring and had curing,plus there is a ton to reap ,dry and process now.Above is a basket of some of my recent work; braides ,smudges and a Wheat spiral .Wheat is a wonderful  time honoured reagent to use in spells .Wheat contains the spirit of the earth and harvest .It is used in spells asking Gaia's blessings,or for  growth and fertility.The braids are quite easy to make and…


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3 Weeks To Go! and other related things

Hey everyone,

I wanted to write this post as it may be the last one I get to before my sons big arrival. I do have a TON(litterally) of posts planned for when I return from maternity leave or if I have some time during those sleepless nights lol. I have an "Are you afraid of herbs?" post planned, a "Healing with crystals and stones" post, "origin of Ms. Witch" post planned as well as a handful of others, including a birth story and some other pregnancy related posts. In this post I wanted… Continue

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Been a while

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since I have posted. I have been sick and it just has not been a good couple of months for me. I turned 33 this month on the 3rd. So I guess that is one good thing. :) I'm still here after turning one year older. Recently, I have been doing more Egyptian Wicca research and found my Egyptian Name. I chose it. It is Sat-Anubis meaning Daughter of Anubis. I have also lately been watching a channel on YouTube called the Kemetic Independent Channel. If…


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The Calling

The Calling


            In Luna’s face

                        And in the sea

Why mother do you beckon me?

            By waters edge

                        And at nightfall

I concentrate to heed your call

            The bright stars dancing

                        From dusk to morn’

Or joy and laughter in sudden storm

            If what I feel

                        And what I see

I could make…


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Thoughts in motion... an insane reflection

Man look to the stars for certainty, but the only certainty is that every day we are alive, our destiny is getting one day closer.

We are all in motion hurdling towards a destiny we did not chose and cannot avoid.


Something I have spent aeons trying to avoid, but I guess... it’s about great bodies moving through space and they speed up as they get nearer to each other…


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Whispering flutter

Fluttering through the flow

seeking direction and purpose

Pursuing the faint call of a whisper

A gentle promise of sweet content

Fluttering through the endless flow

Searching through layer upon…


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Wings entwine

A lone figure edged on a ridge

against a setting sun

wings resting neck arched

watching the light fade to night

A gentle breath escape scally lips

muscles twitch, releasing the days tension

heavy head turn as blue eyes

scan the night sky waiting

The sound of night…


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Wisdom of a leaf

Wisdom written in the veins of a leaf

Whispers of years that has passed

Live recorded with each passing breath

Each day added to the rings of knowledge

The tender beat of a lady bugs heart

Recorded with…


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Breathe the flow

I wrote this one night, and I can't remember when, found it in my journal a few days ago... I may still work on this or not, I never know

Moving flowing swaying,

Blue energy swirling,

One way then the next...

Drawing deep from heated breath,



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Future Self

It's been a while since I've posted here on the blog here.  I think it's time I started getting serious again with my inner self blogs.  My inner self has been telling me some interesting things lately.

In fact, for some reason, I feel that I've been having visions of the future or some sort of revelation about myself.  I'm not sure how to explain it, other than it's as though I'm actually there.  When these visions happen, they're sometimes here and sometimes on another…


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The Rhythm Of Magic

Hello my Lovelies .

Im back again after being out of touch while creating.This time I delved into the world of sacred

instruments. I came back with a lot more knowledge and  a profound respect for their makers

It seems that we with all our technology have lost most of the ancient science of…


Added by Harobed on June 5, 2015 at 12:00 — 1 Comment

Plastic and what YOU can do about it!

Hey all,

The inspiration of this post came from a video that sutra shared with a few of is in chat. This isn't my first post about environmental issues and definitely won't be my last. As an active environmentalist I strive to raise awareness and be the change I want to see in the world. And as many of us here practice earth based pactices where mother nature is the main focus protecting her and letting her heal by us reducing waste and resources should be an important focus for all of us… Continue

Added by Ms. Witch(Sara) on June 1, 2015 at 4:00 — 2 Comments

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