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There's not much information regarding the celebration of Vestalia, which honors the goddess Vesta. So here's what I have discovered about it so far.


Vestalia is a week long celebration, which honors the goddess Vesta, who is in the Roman panthanon. She guarded virginity and alongside the Goddess Juno was considered a protector of marriage. A sacred cake was made at this time.


It is held from 7th June to 15th June, during this time the temple was cleaned from…


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Sensitive versus "here's your blanky sweetie"

So lately I have noticed on this site, which was created to be a hive for intellectual conversation and other awesomeness, has been falling into this hyper sensitive trap of "Wha? I'm not wrong, you're a meanie!" and other super daft nonsense. Usually this can be spotted in the response of the offended, who proceeds for the most part to declare the mod (or kind smart person like myself) to be so mean, and soo inconsiderate of their specific super special post or blog.




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Your own path

Communication with some experienced wiccans helped me understand that each one has it's own path. That it's not important what speed you have when you're moving, but the aim is the main thing. And you don't have to chase some insignificant things, but of the entire flow of information you have to find the main essence and sift through the slag.

It would seem an obvious truth, but you must not forget about it.

And this is my old drawing. :)



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tye dye for litha

For Litha since it is the first day of summer i think of the sun. Summer is all about soaking up the sun. I decided to tye dye t-shirts to celebrate this day. I made shirts with sunburst designs on them as well as many other designs. it is fun and easy and great family time project. I will definately be wearing these shirts when I am working outside in the garden, throwing it over my swim suit or when Im going for walk or jog and even if Im doing yoga or dance. :)

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Herbal Recipe Book

Here I decoupaged a mini photo album that I got at the 99¢ store, that originally said "Thanks for the memories" picturing a flower. Planning on writing my herbal recipes on some index cards and sticking them in here, because they do fit perfect, no need for a recipe box. There's some St. John's Wort I found yesterday in the raffia. 


The book will include, my recipes of herbal tinctures, jellies, syrup's, ointments/salves, tea's, and maybe some bath's ? or crafts ?, don't…


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Litha just passed, and I'm already preparing for Lammas. I've been invited to the "The Power of Witches" shop gatherings, I want to go very much, although I'm a little bit afraid. Well, maybe I'll meet new people over there. I want to bake a bread for Lammas, with some seed, very tasty!

And for the first days of july I'm going to the countryside house, to the nature, where we've got russian sauna and barbeque. :)

Meanwhile I decorated my pentagram and altar with green rowan.…


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"If there were any IKEAs around back then, the instructions for Stonehenge might have looked something like the graphic you see here"




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Pentagram out of twigs

I made a pentagram out of twigs I gathered earlier in the Botanical Garden. I mean I have to put it into a circle, but I'm so happy with it right now, like it's radiating positive beams! I'm going to arrange a charging ritual with it, and in future I want to decorate it with some leaves and flowers. To bring it into a more beautiful condition. But I'm really glad with it! =^_^=



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Where do I go from here?

For those that know, and for those that don't know...I've had a huge road block in my relationship with my boyfriend for over a year now.  Things have come around, and I now know what went wrong.


But where do I go from here?  He couldn't verbally tell me what had happened, so he wrote it all down instead, which is fine, because at times I can't either.  Long story short, he had this belief from when he was younger that "Love is Free" it can't be tied down.  As he grew older…


Added by Jen {Teh Pixie} on June 24, 2011 at 1:51 — 5 Comments

I Understand Her

There's this High Priestess that sort of infamous locally.  I've talked about her a bit in my videos in the past because I had a bit of a run-in with her when I first started out.  She didn't like me, and I was never really sure why.  I'm still not sure, to be honest, but I thought it was because I was working so prominently in the community she started.  I thought, given what others had said about her being power-hungry, somewhat crazy, mean-spirited, and all that, that she saw me as a…


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Celebrating Litha

Yestersay I really wanted to go out to the nature, to the forest, to celebrate this day. In the end I went out to the Botanical Garden. And the weather was good! Celebrating outdoors is a very different feeling. It absorbs you, fills you like a vessel with something cosmic.

We found a cosy meadow with my love, arranged a magic circle, spent some time there with our thoughts, not meditating, but concentrated on good ideas. I told fortunes by Tarot cards and made offerings to…


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A Not - So - Happy Yule.

Tonight is Yule, a time for family. Most people seem to think of it as christmas, but tonight I learned the true meaning of family. It's not all "I love you, have a present". Sometimes, it's "I love you, I'll hold you as you lose someone you loved".


I spent most of the evening today holding the hand of a very lovely old lady while she died.

Her name was Edna, and she was my fiance's most beloved family member.…


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Summer Issue Little Witch Magazine

Hurray! It's Litha and that means the summer issue of Little Witch magazine is up! 


Summer issue Little Witch Magazine, 2011.



Enjoy the read!

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Happy Litha, my friends! I wish you fruitful ideas and sunbeams! May all your endeavours to succeed! I'm sending bright smiles to all of you.

I'm in a very good mood, summer and positive, I'm going to the park to celebrate. ^_^ And what about you?


Summer Lightness Continue

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Wicca Wisdom

Wicca is one of the fastest-growing religions in the United States.

A faith practiced by many witches, wicca honors the God and goddess and gives reverence to the earth. Despite many misconceptions about wiccans, witches, and their practices, wicca and witchcraft have survived and are going strong, Let wicca's wisdom connect you to all, the source, and profound beauty of living in tune with nature.

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Recent Full Moon

I decided not to take up many different ideas at once but to start with just one thing, but make it qualitative. So I devoted myself to a Full Moon meditation and honoring the Goddess, and I charged my amulet with a Moon light. I mentally visited my sacred place, on a glade among trees, and I pictured how the Moon light cleanses and charges everything around with its energy, including the amulet on my neck.

This Full Moon influenced a lot of things. And at night I had a dream of…


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Full Moon + Moon Eclipse

Today is a Full Moon, so have a Great Esbat, my friends! And also today is a Moon Eclipse, so it is a significant day and I'd like to celebrate it somehow. I won't plan ahead, but I'll just think of some magick work and I'll try to do it. And I'll write afterwards what was the result. :)

Such a saturated week it had been and, unfirtunately, I couldn't devote myself to the Craft, although I really wanted to. But for this week, which I can call a "tourist one", I discovered really…


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My Experience at Babalon Rising.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

To be honest it is hard to find the words of this experience. It helped me change the ways on how I see Goddess and how I see life now. Only two words I can think of is Unconditional Love. Babalon showed me unconditional love. I honestly never felt this from my own biological mother so it's very new to me. In my search of Goddess I have come across other aspects of Goddess, always thinking that that aspect is what I need then finding…


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What do I do now?

I have made plans to go to Stone henge for the summer solstice this year. I am so excited to be going as it is something I have had in my heart to do since childhood.

Thing is, Im taking my kids out of school to come with me. I feel it is an experience I can give to them and an education that they can treasure.

So I gingerly approached their head teacher and explained when and why they would be out of school, and I have to say, she couldn't have been more helpful. When I…


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I Saw Her!

This was a very short experience but also tremendously moving for me. Here we go:


The other night, I was contemplating meditating since I couldn’t really sleep. So, I sat on the bed, back to the wall, put Dargaard’s Caverna Obscura  to help me relax (strong enough to block outer sounds but not enough to distract me) and closed my eyes. I should point out here that my eyes had adjusted to the dark room and I could…


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