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My Understanding of the Sacred Marriage

Note: I had taken the time to write this up a long time ago, and it is my understanding from books I have read and questions I had asked. Please know that friendly debate is more than welcome and any corrections made to my essay are more than welcome. I want to learn, and in order to learn one must be corrected and given accurate information. Upon writing this, I do not speak for everyone in the Pagan or Wiccan community, and merely speak on a personal basis from what I have…


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A few thoughts on self

Consider this:

"Me" or the (individual) self does not exist. It is a creation of the mind which has been perfected throughout our evolution as a mechanism of survival. The will to save the self makes humans brilliant survivors. To save (and preserve) the self can mean saving whatever your self identifies with and/or depends on in order to "live on" - this can mean a lot of things and in some cases it may affect large groups of people.

I have read a few cases of disciples sent…


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Witch"craft" Updates

So, if anyone has read my earlier post about my crafts to-do-list, I am making alot of my own altar tools. This is merely an update to show I have added some things to the list, and what I am almost done or done with.


Almost Done

  • Besom - My oak handle is completed! Just need some more willow, the twine to bind, and the ribbons to decorate. I also need some good glue to stick on my quartz crystal and then it is…

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Pagan Dawn

I subscribed to Pagan Dawn magazine, in Russia we don't have such things, so it's like a treasure for me. 

Following this link ( you can pay the subscribtion through PayPal. It comes 4 times a year (for 4 main Sabbaths).

Now about my impressions. Of course, I liked it a lot. This edition was for Beltaine, though it came a little bit late (but with our Russian Post I'm happy…


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Progression: Freyja and Frigga.

Short post, I hope.

I've been thinking for a few hours. Not that I ever really stop- I'm constantly thinking- but recently I've been on a bit of a hiatus from my spiritual thoughts and studies. I was getting too confused by what I believed, what I didn't believe, what I wanted to practice and what was just ballast. I just dropped everything, stopped everything, and lived life without thinking about it for a while.

Like most things important to me, however, it started to creep…


Added by Miss Nel (Spacious Feline) on May 28, 2011 at 16:00 — 5 Comments

why me....not that i would wish it on anyone else

      I would like to start this by saying hello to all of you i know and nice to "meet"you for those i dont. If you do know me you know i havent been around in well a big minute and for that i am sorry. I have hit a bad time in my life and am starting to question why i awaken every morning. The clear reason is that i have slept long enough but im looking for a bigger reason. I have never been one to pitty myself but now i think i will.

       Quick run down, i droped out last year…


Added by Unholy Angel (shade of crimson)ॐ on May 28, 2011 at 9:53 — 7 Comments

My Religious Explanations and Definitions

Here I will gather the various theories and definitions and things I post regarding theology and the occult....

Here it goes:

ATTENTION! The definitions and theories in this note are NOT necessarily shared by the whole of Pagans, Occultists etc.

What is Paganism?

Paganism is the whole of those religions, spiritual paths and faiths that are a) inspired, b) influenced, c) based on, d) revivals/reconstructions and/or continuations of old and… Continue

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To all The Wise,The wonderful and words I so Needed to Hear...

                        I Have and am still going through something that has taken everything from me.It will be a long time to call myself whole or complete.Its going to be a process.That being said 6 people who I have never met

f2f pulled me up by the seat of my Pants and for the 1st time since all of this I took That walk,I looked around and felt the…


Added by teresa on May 27, 2011 at 7:00 — 1 Comment

Lilac Smell

In my spare time I'm watching old TV-series "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and it makes me so happy. :) There is something cosy and good in it what makes me smile. 

Melissa is showing its first sprouts, and the rest of the herbs are already stretching to the sun. And the violet is blooming again after its hysterics when I bought it and brought it to my place. What a whimsical, those violets! And I hope that lemon seed also will soon show itself. 

I had a walk in the park these…


Added by oixxo on May 27, 2011 at 2:57 — 1 Comment

my journey in the shadow self

This is an account of my own personal continuing exploration of the shadow self, some call it the ID, some the abyss, others call it the left hand, and some the shadows. Whatever you want to call it, this blog is probably the most personal thing I have ever written about my own spiritual journey so please bear with me. This accounting is in no way a map of the only way or even a guide, its simply an expression of what I have experienced and perceive the shadow self to be.

Many MANY…


Added by Muse (Deja Vodou) on May 26, 2011 at 15:00 — 2 Comments

Crown of Success & Saint Expedite Ritual

My brother had a job interview today to land a very nice Flash Programming/Web Cartoon job that comes with a $1,000 sign up check.  I wanted him to succeed.  Very, very badly, not only because he is my younger brother and I love him to death and want him to succeed and be happy, but because once he gets settled in there is an opening on an upcoming project and I would be 'in like sin' so to speak.


So, what do I do to offer my brother support and look after my own interests at…


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online attacks on ones spirituality

Interestingly enough it seems as though people are called upon online (and in chat rooms) to defend their spiritual beliefs moreso than in "real time". Perhaps its because that online its easier to be more aggressive and argumentative because of the anonimity of the net. Pagans in real time seem to be more politically correct than to approach another and demand justification from another for what that person believe or to even flat out attack anothers beliefs


Im not speaking of… Continue

Added by Muse (Deja Vodou) on May 25, 2011 at 11:30 — 7 Comments

symbology of the lion in religions

Lions have been seen in art throughout biblical times, especially in Palastine, Assyria, and Sumeria. God and Goddesses stand upon lions, the are frequently in paintings, they appear on thrones, depicted on temple walls and furniture and are even talked about within the bible. Oddly enough however, lions have been extinct in the middle east since the 12th century AD. But despite their dissapearance, they continued to be revered for their power. Below are a few examples of how the lion has been… Continue

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The weird daughter.

I was just minding my own business, watching the Ghost Whisperer, when my father came home. He sat on the couch, setting down his heavy briefcase and sifting through the mail. He paused for a second looking at the television. "This again? Why do you have such a fascination with ghosts?". A couple days ago we had watched a a show called "The Haunted" that airs on Animal Planet. It's your basic re-telling of people who encounter ghosts in their homes, strange happenings, & etc.

So I…


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Medieval morality and sexuality

On human sexuality, the medeival mindset. With the advent of christianity, sexual behavior turned from being a accepted and cherished event to something that was shameful and should only be enjoyed in the context of marriage and the enjoyment was not required or expected on the part of the female participant. Sex was something that was more of a duty than an expression of love, committment and simple enjoyment. With the church breathing down everyones neck, sexuality like many other things was… Continue

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Lets Get Crafty.....How to make a fragrant oil for psychic healing ,love and protection.

This evening as I slipped out my door to harvest, I was on a mission.My friend Reen'e had requested Magnolia for her use since it dosnt grow where she lives.After a prolonged and chilly spring my buddy was yearning for a bit of summer and is planning on making bath oil.

Here in Virginia…


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13 Herb Bath

The 13 Herb bath is lauded for its ability to remove crossed conditions, bad luck and other negative energies and influences that may have attached themselves to you.

The recipe for this celebrated Hoodoo bath blend is nearly impossible to find in books or on the Internet.  Unless you know an experienced rootworker or conjureperson, that is.  I, unfortunately, do not, so I had to sit myself down and research possible herbal combinations.  There are a great deal of herbs in the Hoodoo…


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An Evening Stroll with The HedgeWitch

One of my favorite things to do is to slip quietly into my garden as dark falls to harvest.A hush has fallen over things ,the rowdy song birds have settled for their rest,even the wipporwill is quiet.As dusk arrives the pale blue new growth of blue spruce forms a substantial back drop for varigated miscanthus and oakleak hydrangea .These light up a rough and tumble corner of my yard ,turning it into something else intirely.…


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The Path of Learning

Today, I decided to look through member profiles and see what variety of pagans we have on the site. It is just a fun way for me to get to know people and stem forth my curiosity to know what other kinds of paths are out there that I never really knew about or even thought could be possible. It is, in a sense, my way of learning and branching out. While much of it hits home, some of it is a little confusing, but I read the "About Me's" to see if there is a better grip on the title which they…


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Im losing myself...I feel thin,transparent and tired

  I lost almost everything to a altars,books,clothes and home all the pics,ec..u get it!! IT ALL GONE>>>I'd like to find something  to do,build a altar ,herb chest and more,If i don't im fading away and losing my self in to Desperession not a good thing.I need postive things to do so I know i can get through this.If AnYONE can help me build altar tools or the Altar plaese reach out.....If anyone would like to Donate..I'll,always be in ure debt..I'm tryin to stay positive  but… Continue

Added by teresa on May 19, 2011 at 17:08 — 6 Comments

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