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The Organized Kitchen witch and other witchy kitchen stuff

Good morning, this is my 2nd attempt at this, my internet exploring had to close, causing the tab to reopen and everything I was typing up was lost...I had been working for 1 hour and 30 minutes and wasn't quite done with the post. Auto recover failed for some reason so here it goes:

This post is to accompany the themed chat tonight. I may be able to make an appearance from 5pm to 7pm my time in chat.

-We all have our own way especially when it comes to staying organized, if…


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15 weeks to go!

Hey all,

I just wanted to update. I've been doing a weekly post in the witchy wives club.It is thrifty tips and then just random things that have happened through that week or day.

yesterday I got the Terra cobra pots decorated. I will post instructions and pics in this week's thrifty post. In the pots I planted cut and come again zinnia, perfect for homemade bouquets, and tigers eye sunflowers. I'm also gonna plant some of these seeds elsewhere in the yard. I planted a tomato plant… Continue

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just a thought

I am a Pagan

My church is

The planet

My teacher is

My heart

My priest is

My conscience

My god is

The Universe

My way is


And you

Dare judge me ?

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Another year on

My Gods!  Has it REALLY been a year since my last blog?  Where HAS all the time gone?  It sure does fly when one is firing on all cylinders.  Sometimes I wish we could press a button and just freeze time for a bit, and take a rest!  It's been full-on crazy here, the dust hasn't had time to settle for one single precious moment.  Talk about meeting yourself halfways coming back, I'm running, simply to stand still.  I guess that's what you would call having a life and not just coasting through…


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druid references

... i've been asked a few times now over the course of my time on-line as to what might be usable for reference sites,,, so, here's a list compiling of MANY reference points, through and via links found on each website if one peruses the links, or through the bibliographies or even googling the people/words/titles/information key words/etc. found on the pages and articles found within these resource pages....... happy hunting, and feel…


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Waves of Joy

If there is one thing to celebrate in being spiritual & pagan, it is that connecting to our divinities give us cause to be joyful. Circle, temple, coven and grove, when the spirits are together, happy places all. This is healthy! If anyone should doubt that our minds have power over our bodies; they need only recall that we can think ourselves sick, and conversely think ourselves into wellness. And to follow the logic further, we can think ourselves into best physical condition when we…


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