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Updates on what has been happening in my life

So... Quite some time has passed since I have last been on this site. So many things have changed. Some good, some not so good. 

I have moved on from my previous relationship to one that is more fulfilling. And I wonder now why I didn't see it before just how I felt. 'Chelle and I just wern't right for each other, I think I tried to hard to see a connection when there wasn't really that deep of one to begin with. We both have moved on. She is now handfasted to her love and will have…


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If you found me, you'll already see that I go by Skyla NightOwl. I'm a happily married witch and mother of two younglings. I'm an artist, silversmith & jewelry maker. I'm primarily interested in Celtic Art, History, and Religion. Due to my artwork and the history behind my styles, I also research Etruscan Art and Religion. I'm not exactly "in the closet", but I don't really have many friends locally to chat with about witchy stuff either. So I signed up here and am hoping to get to know…


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When I came to find this site I saw an entry from someone about familiars. It caught my interest. I truly believe that I have mine and she found me. I have 3 cats that have come into my life at times when I needed them. My oldest has been with me 13 years, my middle cat child is 8 and my newest edition, with me less than one year is soon to be 2. What makes it interesting is all my cats are found cats (found as kittens) in strange situations. But my middle cat child was found by my mother in…


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