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Forming a Path

(Please excuse any grammatical and spelling mistakes found in this blog entry, as I am typing this via my phone. So, I apologize in advance.)

It has been only a few months since I went from considering myself DRW to considering myself along more Celtic Reconstructionist/Gaelic (specifically Irish) Polytheistic in nature. This change and realization had come upon finding my patron goddess, Brighid, and I haven't looked back yet. There had been times when I doubted myself. Wondering if I was… Continue

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Ritual Songwriting for the Musically Inept

(This is adapted from a writing from my upcoming book, so although you are free to use it for your own personal practices, please do not share elsewhere without permission--linking is okay, however.)

With the recent flap about Z. Budapest wanting to assert her copyright for "We All Come from the Goddess", there has been an undertone among many pagans of "But if we can't use that song, we don't have anything else that we can use!" The general excuse that I hear is "I can't write a…

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My goddess

Lilith I feel your touch.... As the wind blows she sings in my ear she sings me a song I so love to hear. She sings of love,passion, and lust; she is so gentle she'll put your mind at ease. As she sings the trees dance to the rhythm her lustful desires, from left to right the trees are swinging, as there leaves rustle and bustle in the air here she comes again singing clear takes me to another world. So be quiet to hear her sing in your ear............... u-no-le…


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Tarot Course – The Fool’s Journey

Tarot is a journey in itself. Those who approach its source, whatever the causes, have the opportunity to learn a strategy that offers the possibilities of self-knowledge, self-healing and the realization of our inner potential.

Since it is a journey, the course intends to carry out this study with the idea of going traveling each arcana like we were visiting an ancient…


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Where To Find Me

I'm not sure how much I'll actually use the blog function here as I'm mainly here for the forums and such, but I may post from time to time. Especially pictures--I adore pictures~ <3 The main reason I may not post much here is because I have a livejournal that I post in regularly and a writing site that I try to keep up to date with. Having yet another blog just isn't something I really have time for right now.


That doesn't mean I don't want to make friends and converse…


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Standards for Teachers of Witchcraft

One of the truisms of the online pagan world is that, given enough time, A) someone will come online for the sole purpose of seeking a teacher and B) someone will come online for the sole purpose of seeking students as a teacher.


In the case of the former, I don't see this as a bad thing--after all, if we can look for doctors or dentists or sushi restaurants or childcare online, why not use online media to look for teachers of witchcraft. Many students have reported finding…


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My pagan prayer

my brother the star, my mother the earth. my father the sun, my sister the moon, to my life give beauty, to my body give strenth, to my soul give goodness to my heart. to my house give piece, to my spirit give truth, to my mind give wisdom. to my pagan Brothers and Sisters give pride... piece light and love to all...


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My Geode/Nodule

Ok, so for a birthday present to myself awhile back, I decided to get myself a geode. I found some online for cheap and I got one of the larger ones. :) this is what I find inside when I break it open!…


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