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Real World Update and Thanks!

First of all, i would like to say thank you so very much to all who wished me a happy birthday! It was a nice surprise to log in and see so many well wishers and friends! Thank you ^^


Secondly, i feel i must apologize for my recent long absence from RP. Been feeling the stress of animation deadlines, and being stuck in the same room for hours at a time tends to make one crazy!

So i've been taking breaks from my laptop wherever possible, and also being very hermit-ee…


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Lets Get Crafty For Belthane....Mullein and Yarrow Spell Pouches

As a Taurus Belthane has got to be my favorite holiday simply because everything in my garden is now going

"fullsteam" ahead.The farmers feild is a lush green ,I am in Tarus heaven as my realm begins to thrive.I cant wait to fire up my cauldron .The groovy little spell pouches I'm in this blog are for my cauldron,however they also can be buried ,carried ,slipped into your…


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Seashells by the seashore.

*warning-- this is a blog, with rambling, nothing of substantial use.


For awhile I've been meaning to get more in touch with the elements, I've decided to take a small hiatus from patron/matron searching, I've grown a bit tired of reaching out to Gods that don't seem to want to reach back. I mean I know their there, but it's been really hard for me to get a personal connection...it's like I can't seem to fit any outlet. I'm not giving up or anything...I just wanted to go in a…


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Hymn to Pan... By Alister Crowley

Thrill with the lissome lust of the light,

O man! My man!

Come careering out of the night

Of Pan! Io Pan!

Io Pan! Io Pan! Come over the sea

From Sicily and from Arcady!

Roaming as Bacchus, with fauns and pards

And nymphs and satyrs for thy guards,

On a milk-white ass, come over the sea

To me, to me,

Come with Apollo in bridal dress

(Shepherdess and pythoness)

Come with Artemis, silken shod,

And wash thy white thigh, beautifal… Continue

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Harobeds Hedgewitch's Garden....A look at The Magical Iris

Well its almost May and here in Virgina the Iris have begun to bloom.Among my favorites, the blossoms are both regal and gaudy at the same time.Easy to grow and hard as nails ,Iris are a great choice for a beginner gardener.Their scent is heady and their crisp whites glow after dark in my moon garden.All of this is reason enough to have them in your witch's garden .But wait theres more!…


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Lets Get Crafty....A Besom Of Healing and Protection

Hello my Dears :)

Today Im talking about how to chose the components that go into making your besoms.

Just like spellwork every component needs to be chosen wisely .Attention should be paid to how everything works towards a common goal.You need to think about how you'll be using your besom.What tree…


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Hindus and Neo-Paganism...of some interest to those who truly want a EUROPEAN PAGAN REVIVAL

Hindus and Neo-Paganism

Koenraad Elst

The late Ram Swarup (1920-98), definitely the most important Hindu philosopher of independent India's first half-century, liked to point out that other cultures had traditions similar to Hinduism before Christianity or Islam wiped them out. As he put it in his path‑breaking study of polytheism, The Word as Revelation (1980):

"There was a time…


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Under Reconstruction......

Life would be so simple, if we could just hang a sign out that says:

"Under Reconstruction".

It would warn all of those around us, that we are experiencing huge changes within our lives. It would announce to those that share our lives, that we are having a moment in time, when for some reason, we have run into something that is new, foreign, and has caused us to question what is within. It would prepare those that love us,…


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Delving Into the Deeps - Discovering my Personal Theology


In looking at the histories of some of the newer mainstream religions such as Christianity and Islam it is apparent that some fifty years following the death of the founders of these faiths a great debate over the theologies of these religions occurred.  Following these debates the theologies of these religions were codified into the belief systems that we see today.

Modern Neo-Pagan religions are now some sixty years old and we are seeing a similar…


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Guess who's back?

Ok I haven't been on here as much as I used to. There is a reason for that but I don't want to reveal it, at this particular moment in time anyway. All I shall say is I've been preoccupied with something else.


I've turned 19. Woo. I've had a lot of drama with my boyfriend. The sort of drama that left me wondering if I wanted to be the one always putting in the effort to make our relationship work. Basically he let this girl in his room, after promising me no one would be in…


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Evidence Gospel being repressed!!



SO here in my hometown of fort worth texas, there's this guy that is ALWAYS in the sundance square area of downtown fort worth who keeps insisting on preaching the gospel. He apparently also sexually harasses women...but that's another story. Anyway this last weekend was the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival which is a…


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Astrological Chart...Why not!?

Okay I'll bite...omigosh it's me to a tee...I got goosebumps the further I read on.  I love this stuffs!



Name: Jennifer

December 14 1986

1:07 PM Time Zone is EST

Reading, PA

Rising Sign is in 15 Degrees Aries

You are a free spirit and you must be first at everything you do. Very energetic, self-assertive and active, things must…


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Astrology Charts! Those things I don't believe in.


 Pretty... spot on, actually. =/


Name: Chanel J

August 11 1989…


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The Wiccan Rede ver2.0

The old version of "An it harm none, do as ye will" carries too much interpretation, using to justify anything from slamming those who eat meat, to smoking and drinking alcohol, all the way to disagreeing with other people and criticizing bad authors. It is unfortunate that eight simple words could have the capacity of causing people to leap higher than a pentecostal at a church camp. therefore we would like to present version 2.0 for the new generation… Continue

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My lopsided, but oh-so-accurate, Astrology chart

Following Rissa's example:

Rising Sign is in 25 Degrees Gemini

Extremely active by nature, you like to get around, meet people and

do different things. Very restless, you just can't seem to stay put.

You need to be involved in several projects at once in order to keep

your mind stimulated. You like to read books and to write letters

and to talk -- constantly. Seemingly ageless, you will always appear

to be much younger than you really are.…

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Astrology Chart

Name: Carissa 

August 28

10:45 AM Time Zone is CDT


Rising Sign is in 27 Degrees Libra

Very attractive and popular, your charm helps you to get your own way and prevents others from getting angry with you. "Peace and harmony at all costs" is your battle cry. You always try to ameliorate or to cosmetically hide any physical ugliness or any angry…


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Tears within a Dream

The darkness seemed to envelope me as I walked along...

Deeper and deeper within the grove, I wandered.

The moon slightly waning,still lit the way as I travelled.


I could hear a voice calling, around me, within me, leading me.

Knowing it is taking me on a journey, that is filled with emotions.

Tears roll gently down my face, as I keep moving forward.


The tears, seem to be trying to wash away a lingering doubt, of all that came…


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A Witchs Take On The "Common Violet"

The "Viola Soroia", which is white with a blue splotch,and the blue "Violet Odorata"

are generally called common garden violets.Well shame on those who would call such a wonder

of nature names, consider them weeds ,rip them up by the roots and toss them on the compost pile

Why is beyond me, this… Continue

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The Aha! Moment

I've heard it asked recently by some who are Seeking BTW:


When did you know you wanted to follow a BTW path?

What was the catalyst that made you choose it?

What was the Aha! Moment where you knew you made the right choice


I thought long and hard on those, and this is my response:


This is a question that I always find fascinating as while the answers are often quite different, they are all alike in many…


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My journey with Pagans and Disablilities

As a company owner of products geared towards people with disabilities it was often hard to express my true passion which is nature, metaphysical and spirit.  My designs with my walking canes range from retro fun to outlandish.  We have 2 walking canes right now which appeal to people of pagan faith but in this market our imaging has to be toned down to appeal the mass market.  In a few weeks we are launching a halloween based walking…


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