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Remembering With My Brothers

Carol Kirk, a nurse in Vietnam from 1969-1970 comforts Paul Stanger, an Air Force veteran who served in '68, '70, and '72 and was overwhelmed with emotions during the first annual Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day event at the Huntsville Veterans Memorial Thursday, March 29, 2012 in Huntsville, Ala. (Eric…


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Here Comes The Summer Sun (kind of)

I am absolutely LOVING this weather that we've been getting recently. I spend most of my time running about in hotpants (still with tights though, I am so pale I'd blend in completely if I visited the Artic!!) and my Converse :)

And with the sun, comes better moods which I am THRILLED about. Though I know I don't have SAD because over the last 5/6 years my low moods hit all year round but it is true that recently (last 2 ish years) that the return of the sun has helped clear my mind…


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Considering long-term changes to my identity

The other night, I was rereading Drawing Down the Moon (you know, some light before bed reading!), and I came across a passage where Margot Adler was talking about the dual lives that most trad folks live. 



For me, it seems to be more like a triple life. There's the coven life, where I practice witchcraft among like-minded individuals. I am proud to be a witch and proud to be a traditionalist witch at that! Even if I stop semi-publicly (i.e., online, in the local…


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The move is going wonderful, and we have settled into our new home. While we still have a little ways to go in unpacking, and I haven't been able to have a place to set up my altar yet, it still feels so much better than my last living situation. I feel freer, and the fact that I have transitioned this move alongside my Patron has made everything much more fulfilling. I have learned so much about my patron goddess, and I adore Her the more I learn about Her. I am also progression well into…


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The dilemma with my mother

I need help!  In order to ask a lot of you for input, however, you need the background info.  So, please forgive the story time here.

I came out of both closets to my mom when I was a teenager.  As with a lot of coming out stories, it took multiple attempts because my mom continuously thought it was a phase I'd grow out of.  Now, however, she understand that I'm truly a lesbian (but doesn't like it) and sees Paganism as something crazy I do to get under her skin and not a true…


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Spring Issue Little Witch Magazine 2012 is up!

It's Spring again. Delicious. It's actual Springtime too; bright sun but just cold enough to need a jacket when stepping out to explore the world. We are itching to clean and to make plans. Delicious!

In this edition of Little Witch magazine we talk about Neo-Pagan ethics, sacred texts and laws and of course we talk about Spring. We delve deeper into Ostara and Beltane and this time our story features the Greenwood Marriages of Beltane.

We look beyond the divinatory possibilities…


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Geas: A Lesson

Art by H.R. Millar

All too often when dealing with "Heathen" concepts, Ásatrúar, and by extension, those who walk paths of Germanic Fyrnsidu(forn sed) get the privilege being spoken about first. They have become the "default" and so too has their worldviews and cosmology. This makes it difficult for those who are not Germanic Heathen to have easy access to concepts from their own paths. The strange…


Added by Liofrun Thunorsdotter on March 13, 2012 at 14:00 — 4 Comments

What can mindfullness do for you?

What can mindfulness do for you? In time, one becomes aware of the fact that the action of ones mind can be observed. This has lead to the concept that, I am not my mind and what I once thought was autonomic is in fact simply unbridled momentum. With further observation; one discovers a boundary, much like a hoop.…


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Heathen Books Suck

They do. They really do. It is rare to find a book that doesn't seem to presuppose that Ásatrú is the only Reconstructionist path, and rarer to find one that isn't rife with editting errors, or flat out misinformation and distortion of fact. They all read like someone's personal blogspot blog(actually a lot of these are at least written without spelling errors and have clickable citations). Even worse, a good chunk of them seem to be largely Germanic Mysticism based and not even…


Added by Liofrun Thunorsdotter on March 12, 2012 at 1:00 — 5 Comments

ramblings from my Tanglewood Garden

today's weather prompted me to empty my greenhouse. i left only the cacti in it. they after all love hot temperatures.the sun heated the greenhouse to 70 degrees around lunchtime. my white petunias have bloomed all thru the winter months, so did my white geranium, purple wave petunia, calendulas and blue salvia and the red one too. both my amaryllis bulbs bloomed to my total surprise. the thyme also stayed green thru the winter. i kept the temperature at 40 degrees thru out the winter…


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an amazing day

i spent today traipsing around the woods in southern indiana picking up geodes. walking up and down those ravines in brilliant sunshine, listening to birds chirping, gurgling brook meandering down to the valley floor, was glorious. my friend andi and her daughter allie invited me to spend today in their company, funny generous accepting and sharing their little corner of universe with me was magnificent. picking up geodes while walking along the brook was just the icing on the cake for me…


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There is a New MoJo in my life

It has been a while since I posted last, I have had a rough go at it since my beloved Salem my Shih Poo and constant companion died.  My husband got tired of me moping around feeling sorry for myself and brought home a new baby to care for. So I would love to introduce you to my new charming little man, he is a Morkie which is a Yorkie /Maltese hybrid. He was born in November. His name is MoJo. He is a little cutie. He is so opposite from Salem which I am glad I did not want another dog…


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See Onn ash-tree

I have been trying to build a more personal relationship with my God…


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Dealing With Toxic Relationships: Frith, Heathenry, Family

Stock, I think

I am sure everyone has this one person in their life, whether it be a frenemy or a family member that is generally unpleasant to socialise with(and some of us have absolutely unhinged acquaintances). Everyone knows what it's like, and no one likes it. We all know someone who is a drama llama or a loose cannon. We don't always know how to handle these people, especially if they are family members and not just someone we can cut out of our lives…


Added by Liofrun Thunorsdotter on March 5, 2012 at 23:00 — 3 Comments

Working as an Interfaith Chaplain

For several years now I've been working on a Master of Divinity Degree with a focus on Pagan Pastoral Counseling through Cherry Hill Seminary.  One of the things that I needed to do to complete the academics was to have an internship semester where I was actually doing hands-on work.  After a bit of searching around for a place to do it, I ended up working through the Chaplain's office at my local hospital.  I'm having a fascinating time doing it.  Love the work, love the people on the staff…


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12/21/12 - The Mayan Prophecy

Over the past few months I have developed a rather strong interest with the Mayan calender and prophecy. The events of which are said accure later this year. Currently I am reading '2012 The year of the Mayan Prophecy' by Daniel Pinchbeck. I am finding the book interesting, although I don't accept all the theories suggested in the book (not all the authors theories). For example, the idea of a natural or man caused disaster is/are a theorie(s) that I feel are…


Added by Chris Barnes (Barny Boo) on March 2, 2012 at 6:38 — 2 Comments

Food For Thought and Balance

I think it's right for me to note here, that I've been studying Kemetism & Holistic Health which most of this entry is deriving from. This is just my own personal thoughts in regards to caring for the entire physical body/temple.

A thought passed through my mind the other night, while juicing a bulb of fennel. Which was an observation about how we take more care of the outside of our bodies than we do the inside.

It is not to say that…


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My family and I are finally moving out of my parents' house. I have waited four months for this, and I am elated to finally have my own house. I will finally have a place to put my altar that will be partially hidden from visitors, and I don't have to hide what I am. However, I am a secretive person when it comes to my religion, and I don't like the drama that comes with people knowing it. So, while I don't have to hide around my family, I do have to keep everything a secret when other…


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Air, Fire, Water, Earth . . . Youth, Adult, Mother/Father, Crone/Sage

Last night as I was lying down to read Elements of Ritual by Deborah Lipp for the second time, I came to an interesting personal conclusion for viewing aspectual stages of the God and Goddess.




Air: The Virginal Maiden enraptured in curious youthful play.

Fire: The Passionate Sexual Maiden, involved in external battles, the fearless alpha…


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Growing Up Wyrd

Most of us have at one point or another heard a story from a fellow Pagan about growing up in a Christian family, being disillusioned with the religion they were assigned to and later converting. These stories are one of the more popular personal narratives of NeoPaganism, but we are entering an era when many of the elders of the modern Pagan movement are old or dead and not only have children, but grandchildren who have been raised with their particular flavour of Paganism. I suspect the…


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