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Life here on my world

I ve always been busy with the boys and work but WOW!!!! I now have one in high school who plays on cross co, the baseball team which praticies every night then all the boys have 4-H aimals to take care supper to fix homework to do,and housework.My husband and I have always helped coach so that on top is a lot ,he is a board member for baseball so I get rope into alot which I love.Work as been good no over time as of the last week but you never know in health care,With all the sports the…


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Lets Get Crafty....A Witchs Garden For Newbies And Black Thumbs



Welcome my lovlies after my blog on spell pots I had soo many questions and comments about my gardens.Hopefully this will answer some of your questions and lend you some inspiration:)

I love my Witchs garden it is my pride ,my joy ,my lifesblood!

From it I make my spells,amulets, teas,tictures,scented candles and bath oils.

There are bundles of herbs in all my spell baskets ,they grace my wreaths and add

wonderful smells to my smudges.Magical gardens…


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any insight

In case anyone has been missing me, I for the while, have been dealing with real life issues so I couldn't be on for a long time. While I have been off this site, I have been reading books and meditating, and doing spells but idk, something is not right. I just dont feel it. I keep thinking that it is because my teacher is not with me and the fact that i have to hide what i do from my parents, but idk. Could i be because i haven't found my goddess or is it something more. I just dont know…


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Lets Get Crafty In Our Gardens .........Spellpots For Strength ,Protection and Abundance


Greetings My Dears!

Being a Hedge Witch means I use everything in nature to further my spells, naturally this includes the potted plants.

Growing spells is an easy and satisfying way to bring your craft into your life on a daily basis ,nothing pleases me more than to step outside and see my spells growing and thriving right before my eyes :)

There are 5 important things to keep in mind when creating a spellpot ; who ,what ,when ,why and where .

(LOL Thats…


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Dark and Light

Dark and Light.

In a secluded space - a union takes place;

she who they called evil - he who they called a saint.

In an explosion of love they both know their fate,

within the vastness of space

a galactic conception takes place.

As their blood unites they crawl in pleasure and pain,

they count the moments untill moving becomes in vane.

A divine explosion rips them apart.

The lovers draw one… Continue

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Finding my Goddess....

   Last summer when I started my Spiritual quest to find a path that would reach deep into my soul, I was pretty convinced that it would be of the witchcraft variety. As I read and read and read some more....and meditated and pondered and contemplated and eventually tried to force something magical to happen, all I managed to do was overwhelm myself and cloud my mind with all kinds of doubts... so I stepped back from that whole spiritual concept all…


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Just a blog

Ever since Imbolc, I've been very consistent with my spiritual practice. I've been meditating almost everday and getting better at it also. I feel like meditating is much easier now than it was before and I'm not quite sure why. Could be because I've been practicing more, getting my breathing and visualizing right...but it feels so much more natural...not like I'm forcing anything.

I think I give alot of my spiritual growth to the return of the spring, I really feel like I'm much… Continue

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Why? or Why Not?

For each of us that travel a path, it is not that we are so very different. Rather, it is that, we all follow the beliefs, that are found within our hearts.…


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Whether it's sugar or poison, how sweet is 


You grab a hat, you have no head. How sweet is…


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The Hidden Secret

Everyone stopped and stared, as they watched the sky.

Huge flakes of white crystal, falling ever so gently.

As they touched the ground, some would melt, while

Others started to slowly begin to accumulate.

As they began to blanket the earth in white, I thought how fitting.

The first day of the new spring, and we are being blessed by a snowstorm.

Walking along, it dawned on me

What a beautiful way of wrapping the surprises of spring.

We wait… Continue

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Some Rumi goodness:-)

There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life.

There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.

O traveler, if you are in search of that

Don't look outside, look inside yourself and seek that.…


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Rose of Jericho/Saint Expedite Petition Ritual

Due to the personal nature of the petition being made, some details will be omitted from this account.  However, I believe that the important information is being passed along. :) 


This blog will illustrate a personal petition ritual I preformed, involving a Rose of Jericho (Resurection Plant) and a Saint Expedite candle.


If you are not familiar with the Rose of Jericho, they are…


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Making my Saint Expedite Candle



There is a humourous story about Saint Expedite's arrival in New Orleans.  According to folklore, when the Chapel of…


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Desert Rose ........The Power Of Selenite

This winter my good friend Raven Moon gave me a desert rose ,well I was thrilled for that was a crystal I

had never owned.Its constant gentle energy over the winter made me long to have some to include in my

wreaths and baskets so the search was on! I found alot of them for sale so I waded through tons…


Added by Harobed on March 23, 2011 at 13:46 — 2 Comments

Washington DC Blog: Day One


I am going to start this blog with a flash back to last October. I was in my Economics class and Mrs. Carney was speaking of a trip that she and Coach hubbard had given out eat year to one Senior. The trip was a trip to Washington DC for a Nation youth leadership convention. Well the conditions were that you had to fill out an application. This application consisted of about three or four essay…


Added by Asdea (Jasper) on March 22, 2011 at 22:37 — 2 Comments

Buying Graveyard Dirt

In the following, I will share my experience buying graveyard dirt from a very close relative, my Nan.  Due to the personal nature of this experience and my intentions, I will leave some details out.  I am sure everyone will understand.


Today, after class, I visited Keeton Cemetery, where most of my maternal family has been buried since the late 1800s.  I haven't visited in four years, since my Nan's funeral.  The cemetery is set in a clearing ontop of a tall hill.  My Nan's…


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Just wondering

Blessings everyone


I am wondering if there are others like myself who are not only Wiccan but Poly as well.  It is very hard to find or to get those folks to talk about this addition to lifestyle.    It can get lonely out here and when I do talk with others I keep quiet about my true lifestyle.  Ok guess i just came out to everyone.  Are any of you the same?

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Gifts from Grandmother: A Dream

I had a dream last night. I was on my grandmother's land just outside of NOLA. Her old house - on stilts like so many folks who live out by the bayou's edge - was fallen in on itself, and almost completely eaten by kudzu.


I found an old tree stump, cut off just above ground level. It was made up of some pale white wood that looked like bleached bone. Looking down on the circle of the stump was strange; its pattern of rot had eaten away most of the inside of it, leaving only…


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Spring Issue Little Witch Magazine

Hurray! It's Ostara and that means the spring issue of Little Witch magazine is up! This time Eruandil contributed to it and I'm very grateful for that!


I'd love to simply embed the magazine here but -lesigh- it does not want to do that. So, then, I refer you to the LWM website! :)

Enjoy the read!

Added by LittleWitchMagazine on March 21, 2011 at 13:00 — 2 Comments

""If it cannot be found within thee""

Often, people question if they have chosen the right location for their ritual?
Or, if they planned it down to perfection, do they have what they feel is needed to call to the Lady and Lord? 
Do they have all the needed items to present a worthy alter or have they forgot a special piece?
Have they memorized all the "proper" things to do and say, while they cast their circle or perform their ritual?
One of the most important things to remember, is…

Added by MJ on March 18, 2011 at 22:00 — 1 Comment

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