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Diary of a mental patient.

I wonder if I am really seriously a psychosis suffer a mental patient the things that take place in my daily life. I have wrote a book available amazon about my life going from luxury apartment to spending time under a section 28 in the nut house. am I psychic or psychotic?? I question religion  born in England on Christmas day 1972 I have always had fun poked at me asking if I am the sister of Jesus I always replied yes, thinking I am more anti Christ :-)

On my 38th birthday I…


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Speaking at The Wall on Veteran's Day 2013

On Veteran's Day 2013 I was one of the guest speakers at the Women's Vietnam Memorial.  It was an incredible moment, painful yet healing at the same time.  For those of you who don't remember, I was an Army nurse at a MASH hospital during the Vietnam War.  It has been 40 years since then…


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A little something I wrote that I thought I would shre with ya'll-        Listen as the soft wind blows     for it is that wind that knows     Why the faerie take to flight     in the shadow of the n…

A little something I wrote that I thought I would shre with ya'll-


    Listen as the soft wind blows

    for it is that wind that knows

    Why the faerie take to flight

    in the shadow of the night


    Listen to the soft wind well

    for it has a tale to tell

    Of magical beings & forgotten faces

    of times long ago & mystical places


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Winter Days

Hey all I found this wonderful website www..mnn.com the mother nature network. There are tons of fun and educational articles. A few that I read were: 7 things you can make yourself, unique ways to save money, 10 fascinating facts about cats, 7 green things our grandparents did, and the photo of the day. It was a baby koala bear from Germany zoo that was returned to the parents after being removed for a vet check up. It was too cute.

They have a lot…


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Winter projects part 2

Hey all,

Here is part 2, the previous post was all about birds

 The next winter project that I have completed are upcycled pin cushions.

As many of you know recycling and upcycling are two hobbies that I am very passionate about.

For the upcycled pin cushions you will need:

-a hot glue gun


-a small tin can(I used a cat food can but a can of olives will work too, or any other can you can find that is small)

-A 4" by 4" square…


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Winter Bird Project

Hey all,

Today I made homemade bird suet feeders. Here is the recipe that I used:http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Bird-Suet-Balls

So I followed the recipe exactly, adding raisins. I mixed them up and formed them into balls. I then rolled the balls in a little bit of extra bird seed.

Then I cut 3 mesh onion and clementine bags into rectangles. No specific measurements but I got 3-4 rectangles out of each bag(I…


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It's never too late

Hey all,
This article spoke to me. It is not too late for those resolutions! This article is just what I needed! Please read and share.

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Post for 1/17/14

Boredom made me post...

Anyway, thought I might try something different, and give a video game review. This one is called The Last Of Us. It released last year, I believe, and it is a scary horror game. The plot for it is pretty interesting and the characters are pretty lovable. I can't say much on the plot, to be honest, as I am honestly trying to get up the nerve to play it more. I'm a wimp when it comes to horror stuff.

As for the rest...

I'm still…


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Been Absent

I've not been here for the past few days and I've seen a lot that I wish I could have helped with. but this week has been taxing. 2 people passed on, a family member and a friend and my stepdads pitbull was hit by a car on his birthday this Monday. She made it though, however, we are unaware as to whether or not she will walk again as the tired went over her hips. Thank the Goddess that she lived though with no fatal issues! I knew there was a reason for me to go back and look at my animal…


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Some hopefully useful info

Hey all,

I was inspired by this post from a conversation that I had with my  supervisor at work a few mornings ago.

We got to talking about various things. And she asked me quite a few questions mostly about being frugal and what I buy and don't buy which most of you that read my posts know those items and my alternatives. So that got me thinking about all the other questions I have been asked lately. So I will share and some of this might be beneficial to someone else that…


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Element Bracelet

Merry meet everyone!  I just wanted to brag on myself just a tad today on my latest bracelet project I completed.  I recently purchased and read "Paganism: An introduction to Earth centered religions" by Joyce and River Higginbotham. 

It's a good book for beginners like me who are starting their…


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The Frugal Year is Upon Us!

Hey all,

I am going to do two posts tonight since I will be working a few extra hours this week.

So my husband and I go pre-approved for our house loan finally. We have decided to live as frugal as we can to save extra money. We don't necessarily need it but it is going to come in handy when we buy new furniture after we pick a house and when we have our first child probably within the next year or so. We have shaved $30 off of our monthly bills so far by lowering the number of…


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Things I have been up to

Hey all,

It has been awhile since I have done a really informative post. I do have a few things planned for my group spice goddess, and a few blogs for my page it just comes down to getting it all posted.

The polar vortex really hit us hard. Upon arrival it was sick with the dreaded  stomach bug that Is hitting a lot of people really hard. I missed two days of work and we were pretty much stranded because by Monday my car battery had died and I couldn't make it anywhere…


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Pagans And Wood Stoves


weather is frigid and I'm now using a wood stove again for heat.So I

thought I'd post about the magical properties of the woods we

burn.before I wrote this I scooted around online for info pertaining to

this subject and was appalled to find that the infinitesimal bit of info

that was out there was expounding on burning Cedar! People never burn



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Resigning as the San Antonio Pagan Pride Day Children's Coordinator

I have thought about this "touchy" subject since my last PAGAN PRIDE DAY (Sept '13). I really did enjoy doing the PPD with the "witchlings", but what I have noticed is that its turned into more of a babysitting chore than a crafts day with them. Plus with kids being "out of control" and parents are too busy shopping, what can I do. I have asked for help from the rest of the PPD staff only to realize that I have…


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Crafty haul

Hey all,

I wanted to share all the new craft items that I got last weekend.

I got a 12oz package of sculpey clay(assorted colors) and a single of light pink.

2 jars, silver glitter, something called shaved ice, and liquid glycerin. All this is for snow globes.

2 balls of all cotton yarn, for two wash clothes that I am going to knit.

The clay is for a variety of things. I am going to make a wizard of oz inspired book mark and a few paperclip things and a st.…


Added by Ms. Witch(Sara) on January 3, 2014 at 15:37 — 9 Comments

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