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its been a long time, im grateful to still be alive after what i have been through

i;ve been away for awhile because of some serious health issues, I had a tumor removed from my brain that was a quarter of the size of my brain. its been a slow, boring, lonely and painful recovery, which im still dealing w now. they removed it on Dec 2nd (so its still relatively new) and Im fighting the battle of cancer vs no cancer, so to all my friends - old friends and ones i just havent met yet thank you and please continue to keep the positive energy my way! it helps and means more…


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its been a while.

So realistically it has been quite a while since i've even been on this site let alone, actually blogged.  I think i should simply because I need to vent and can use it like a journal for when i'm real stressed.  Kinda like now. LOL

Anyway, seems that since I started training and took my oath all of the people around me have slipped away.  Some of that being because they are ecclectic, and or ended up being playgans, and the seriousness of my studies and faith, they drifted…


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The Five gifts of Hathor

During Research I ran across the thought-proviking article about my patron which I think is so spot-on regarding my feelings regarding gratefulness, the gods and our search for "true happiness". I have found it to be 100% true that when I give thanks for my blessings and recognise them as gifts in my life, I find myself feeling much more satisfied and happy- even without any increase in my life. Also... the goddess Hathor has many names and titles, one of which is "She who answers her…


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Imbolc/Oímelg Dedication

Moving is taking a long time to happen. We have hit many roadblocks, and, still being in my parent's home, I am unable to properly do an Imbolc/Oímelg ritual in honor of my patron goddess, Brighid. This initially made me saddened; deeply saddened, but then I thought of another way to honor Her.

I am going to venture out tomorrow and see if there have been any new buds of flower in symbolism of the first awakenings of Spring. There have been a lot blooming around here this year, which…


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Poem to Jupiter-King of the Gods

Jupiter, Optimus Maximus

You who are Best and Greatest,

The King and Father of the Gods

The son of Saturn, the All-Father of Time and his wife Ops,…


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Crafting Something New

Over the past five and a half years, I have always just had a basic outline to my practice to build around. I followed many of the Neo-Wiccan books and information I was given that was accurate, and my practice was formed around it, and probably changed every now and then. However, nothing had been stable. It was still a bit chaotic because I was still getting used to rituals, spellworking, and following the Sabbats and Esbats. I was content, however, in much of what I did and knew, and it…


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I've Missed You Guys!!

Hey everyone! Guess who's back with a brand new rap ;) Hahah just kidding!


Missed this place loads! Dunno why I don't come on here more often, it's so good to talk to people who "get it" Facebook is good and all, but it gets really really really boring to keep explaing and then reexplaining to my aunt/other family what I'm talking about and why!! The latest one to confuse her was planetary hours. -_-  And do you have any idea how hard that is to explain?!

^ So yeah,…


Added by Lauren (Phoenix Starlight) on January 26, 2012 at 12:57 — 1 Comment

Ave Expeditus!

I'm taking a moment to fulfill my obligation to St. Expedite in giving him a "shout-out", in appreciation of his amazing ability to help those needing it as well as spreading his name.


A couple of months ago, I really needed transportation.  After a fall-out from what I felt was my home and place in life, one of the things I lost was my ability to commute myself to my place of employment.  It was absolutely mandatory that I acquired a vehicle or I couldn't progress.  So, I…


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Pagan/Witch/Heathen Community Needs assessment

Hi Folks, 

Family of mine is working on a project for needs assessment within the Pagan/Witch/Heathen/etc. communities and could use your help:


The survey will take about 15 minutes and is open to U.S. residents ages 18 and up. 

Thank you so much as a personal favor…


Added by Leisha on January 24, 2012 at 16:18 — 6 Comments

Hail Hathor!

Today Jan 23 is a Day of Hathor (Hwt-Hr) a goddess sacred to me and in honor of her I am posting this Prayer/Invocation. Hathor is an Egyptian Goddess of Love, Beauty, Motherhood, healing, music, dance and joy. Her symbols include the cow, the sistrum, and the menat among others.

Feel free to use this…


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Great Places to see While in Milwaukee Wisconsin

***The Milwaukee Domes are an amazing place as they have  some great flora

and plant species from differing regions of the globe;

and each dome is set up with the atmosphere and temperatures

from those areas in order to support those various plant species and flora.

***The Milwaukee Art Museum almost always has great collection items in its exhibits.

The art museum also has a museum within this museum and it shows off…


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Choosing a Path at the Crossroad

A Timeline of Events leading to this blog post:

If anyone has been following my posts and discussions, one can see that I have had a common theme lately when it comes to deities. Throughout my…


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Needing to understand the meaning of Crow entering into my life at this time I am trying to find out just what Crow is trying to say to me from as many sources as possible. Crow is a wonderful spirit and from what I am learning I have much I can learn from this wonderful teacher. Being of the earth element as a double…


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The earth is awakening.

In recent years, it seems like im waiting for winter and all of a sudden, the first buds appear on bushes and up pop the daffodils and the birds song seems to welcome the return of spring.

I feel a sence of relief, I guess, but nothing compared to times gone by when it really did signify easier times ahead. I think winter must have seemed to go on forever, so the early signs of spring must have been like a message from the earth to her children, that she is awakening once…


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Open Imbolc Celebration Amsterdam - The Netherlands (February 4)

Merry Meet all!

For the few Dutch or Belgian members of RealPagan  I'd like to announce that Little Witch Magazine in collaboration with Lunadea.nl will host an open Imbolc celebration in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on the forth of February 2012.

For more information visit Little Witch Magazine or the…


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One of the perils in the crooks of this path is stagnation; the lack of moving forward, of developing, of evolving. For the last year or so, I've been going through "slow" periods, times when my practice subsided and I felt an overall lack of motivation. Little did I know that this was the sign of an foreboding, major shut-down of my spirituality and practice.

I have reached such a level of stagnation that I have forsaken almost every single practice, method or…


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New Things in 2012

So, this year is starting off pretty good, but hopefully it will get even better. :) Began the year by eating some blackeyed peas for prosperity, so I am hoping that will help when I go looking for a job. However, I cannot do that until we move into our new house. Which is soon! Hoping to be moved this weekend, so if I do not come on as often as I used to it is because of that, and not having internet yet. However, I might be able to go to the library with my laptop and hope to jump on the…


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Ganesh v. Ganesha

It was brought to my attention today, in chat, that Ganesh needs to have an 'a' placed on the end of it. I argued that it did not and I was then questioned about references. I, then,  privately told the person, in no uncertain terms, that I was in no mood to fight about it and if they wanted to have an 'a' on the end of it they could. I thought the matter dropped, but this person had brought it back out into public chat. I even apologized if I had sounded bitchy because I am sick at the…


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A Strange Fork in My Path

I'm at a strange fork in my path at this time. I came into the OPC thinking I had a good bit of knowledge under my belt (not all the answers mind you), then I learn that I was lied to about the whole "Solitary Wiccan" song and dance spread by quite a few authors. (I know that this is what is now basically DRW, and that's all well and good. My point is that they mislead me and many others.)

I just have to ask: "What else was misleading in those books?" I find myself questioning every… Continue

Added by Airlia Skye on January 5, 2012 at 19:32 — 9 Comments

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