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Please Help Me Out

Hello! My name is Christina, I am a graduate student at John Carroll University, and I am conducting a research project on Wiccan religious identity. I am interested in better understanding Wicca and helping others to understand it as well. I am writing here in the hopes that some of you would consider participating in a brief survey. The survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete, and would help me out a great deal. Please click the link below to go to the survey we…


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Greetings all, Ive been gone along glad my page is still here. Ive been working on my health and my solitare practice. Im really glad to see this group has stayed the trials of time, and im looking forward to getting caught up. Tracy

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My Easy God is Gone

I have been fond of this poem since I discovered it. Enjoy.

My Easy God is Gone — James Kavanaugh

My Easy God is Gone

I have lost my easy God – the one whose name

I knew since childhood.

I knew his temper, his sullen outrage,

his ritual forgiveness.

I knew the strength of his arm, the sound

of his insistent voice.

His beard bristling, his lips full and red

with moisture at the moustache,

His eyes clear and piercing, too… Continue

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Finding others in your area

Often the first thing newcomers post to a forum is that they're looking to find others in their area or to lament that "no one" in their area is a pagan or witch (it's far more common that there are others in their area but, like the seekers, haven't, can't or won't publicize their presence)…


Added by Callisto on July 20, 2017 at 14:35 — 3 Comments

Wiccan Together is no more

Hello, Real Pagans! 

I just wanted to notify dual-members of this site and WiccanTogether that the latter no longer exists. After three days of the "under maintenance" message appearing while trying to visit WT, I contacted Ning. The creator/owner either cancelled the site or didn't pay their bill.

No huge surprise since the last owner didn't make any updates, perform basic maintenence, or report the chat room issues to Ning himself. 

I hope more familiar names/faces…


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My first post......

okay so a little about me I have practiced for over 25 yrs and consider myself ecclectic wiccan. I just opened a webstore called antique cauldron although I am thinking of changing the name. I am hoping to open a shop before I get too much older and can't do so. Finding funding has been next to impossible so far. Its a touch game this start up business game. Even harder when your a poor white girl living on welfare with no kids and no husband to support you. I do…


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Scorpio! Here's Your In-Depth Tarot Reading

Hello, Scorpios!  You're up this month for a free in-depth tarot reading.  This reading runs about 40 minutes, so pull up a chair, grab a cuppa', and Enjoy!

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A Touch of Beltane


Joy and merriment abound, as the festivities begin... Beltane is one of the largest celebrations found on the Wheel of the Year. This celebration is observed on April 31st / May 1st (or October 31st / November 1st if you are in the Southern Hemisphere). Typically, the eve before the first, begins the traditional celebrations. The how's, are varied from tradition to tradition, as well as, personal preferences. The focal however, is usually consistent, revolving around fire and…


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Greetings and bright blessings!

My name is Tracy and you might have seen a couple of blogs from yrs ago. Well ingore Ive been hiding out for a good reason, well good enough for me. A yr ago i had my third neck surgerie, and as recovering i became ill with Chronic Fatigue Sycdrum...WOW....and wow itwas...and still is...but it seems to be getting slowly better!                       Never in my life did i think i would indup with the stranges diease ive ever heard of. And i began grand maul seizures…


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On the Arizona memorial


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Nevermind the misspelling witch behind the curtain

It really is annoying when ever I hear or see the red herring terminology like this little gem I found online, by someone in my area who promotes himself as a local leader and is taking students, for a minimal fee, to teach Craft:

"I call what I teach, a modified form of Gardinarian Wicca. What that…


Added by Albiana on November 27, 2016 at 20:58 — 3 Comments

a scammer on the site

hi goodnight, there is a cammer on this site, telling me to email them that them need to talk to me personal. i dont fall for scams

Added by patricia archer on October 18, 2016 at 17:31 — 2 Comments

A new begining

I think it is really amazing how life changes and we evolve and grow as a result of what life throws at us.

I have had a lot of change happening in my life over the past year.

I grew closer to my Dad last year during Football season. My Dad passed away in December. I've grown closer to my Mom since my Dad passed away. I now have and ride a new motorcycle as my primary transportation. I've taken up Archery with my Mom around Mothers Day. Began medical treatments…


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Does anyone else only get spam messages on here. Maybe this is not the place for me.

Added by Diane Fisher-Grist on September 14, 2016 at 19:10 — 1 Comment

ROCK your Grimoire! (Video Share)

Hmmmm...I don't know what happen to the option of uploading a video; for I thought these were two great videos for BOS/Grimoire ideas.


- Flammeous

Added by Flammeous {De Empress} on August 20, 2016 at 7:00 — 1 Comment

It's All Pagan To Me

My practice is Hoodoo. I’m a budding root-worker. A Conjurer.

First let me square some things away.

The one thing to remember with Hoodoo is; it’s not a religion. Wica/Neo-Wicca is a religion. Voodoo is a religion. Santeria is a religion. Hoodoo is not. It’s all about the magick. It’s a fusion of ‘what works’, and it’s influence came from every religion, from every culture that came here to the States, and from those who were already here. To examine the threads that holds the…


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Avoid Stage Fright with these tips

There are so many things a performer is afraid of and one of them is – Stage Fright.

Stage fright is an issue for the newbies in the world of public speaking, and it can be a cause of worry even for the experienced. This is because the person about to deliver a speech or give a presentation in a business meeting is often worried about the reception the will receive before, during and after the speech. It is possible that even the most experienced speaker might give a dumb impression…


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As Usual

Pagan Pride Day in the Twin Cities yesterday. I skipped it. I am so tired of plastic pagans, those who are there only for self-gratification. I so do not need community, I do not need those who cannot be pagan without being validated by someone else. Christians need community, they need churches to validate themselves and their beliefs. For me, covens are nice and with the exception of Gardnerian, they do not attempt to tell you what to say or how to act or feel. I strengthen my spirituality…


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"The Blessings Of Corn" Celebrating Autumn The Hedge Witch Way

Autumn is here and with it comes the last of our harvesting season. So this time Ive been wandering collecting Corn stalks. This time of year the sweet corn is long gone but the stalks can be harvested and used for many things. Corn has been held sacred to many cultures since the beginning of recorded time. It has…


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Special Thank You

Blessings to Steve, all the fellow mods, and the RP members.....

Just a short note to explain my frequent absences as of the past couple of weeks... My cousin entered hospice and was brought home two weeks ago today...(Brain Cancer). Things have been pretty touch and go, the days and nights, have been filled with both good and bad moments. As a family, we have been spending as much time as possible with him...We lost his mom to the same thing, several years ago, so this has been very…


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