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Who Is Flammeous {De Empress}?

It has recently came into my awareness, that I haven't put much out there on RP about me. I even went to check my blog entries, and YUP. I seemed to miss that part.

I have fluttered through many things in my 39 years of life. The Lutheran church was like my 2nd family when growing up - just me attending, and not so much my parents. I had a really rough childhood, could dream true and would meditate on spiritual things; that I realistically should not have known about at such a…


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On This Day July 23, 1892 - The First Hebrew Path To Obeah

This blog entry is tying into my previous blog The History of Obeah, in my quick attempt to explain more about "The First Hebrew Path to Obeah", that is mentioned at the link on that blog.  It also gives a little insight to the spiritual, Afro-centric path, of Rastafari, which I personally believe Obeah, and Christianization may have contributed to the path of Rastafari, but that's a whole other…


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The History of Obeah

Since my husband (whose Jamaican), usually refers to me as Obeah.  I've been curious as to what that really is or means (aside from his quick definition of it).


So I've always been on the look out for any online information in regards to Obeah, and I can attest there hasn't been a whole lot of information online about it, as it is probably the most secretive and lesser known magikal practice around today.  Witchcraft is still illegal in Jamaica.  So, if you are in to that…


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Pagan Obsession - Collecting & Hoarding

I admit it. I like to collect spells, magickal formulas, and herbal recipes (baths, incense, oils, powders). I'm sure I got a remedy to whatever ails ya. Magickally and medicinally. Some where around here.


Well, when I first went seeking, and not even necessarily 'The Craft'. I found myself even then, collecting spells and formulas, as if I was satisfying some obsessive compulsive disorder, like I had to collect them all like Pokemon. The more secretive and…


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Settling In, news and tips.

Hey all,

This is my first post since we got moved. We are almost all unpacked but not quite done rearranging and figuring out where we want some of our furniture to go. We were blessed with the fact that the previous owners were moving into a small apartment and they left a lot of furniture for us: A dining room table with 6 chairs, china cabinet, a rocking chair, curio cabinet, entertainment center, small dining room table with 4 chairs, oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, deep…


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Busy, busy...

*sigh* Ah, life, she gets in the way sometimes.  It seems that's the case for me lately.  Family reunion last weekend, funeral this weekend, my hubby will be leaving for fire school the same day, and finally scheduled for college again.  So yeah, I've been busy.  Too busy to regularly check RP :(

Every year my husband's side of the family has a reunion at a different place.  This year we went to San Antonio, TX.  I was excited.  I haven't been there since I was about 15-ish.  We had…


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Native Tongues (Mvskoke "Creek" Language 1)

I've been away for a while, been incredibly busy, and have put what little time I have into another site.  I started a blog on this other site and thought it would be interesting to share it here as well.  :)

It's been a while since I posted a blog, since I really needed access to a computer to turn this stuff into a legible study guide instead of, incomprehensible to anyone but me, scribbles in a note book.  My eldest daughter and I have decided to learn to speak the Mvskoke…


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Insight Under Unfortunate Circumstances - Psalm 68:2

The other day, I had the most insightful thought.

See, I have gotten this really gnarly tooth infection - lucky me. Now, I'm not panhandling for anyone's sympathy here, as it's my own bloody fault for not taken care of it in the first place, and I'm left to pay the piper. Although your prayers for a quick healing, and the courage to take care of this once and for all, is greatly appreciated.

Phobias.  I tell ya. Can inflict more harm, than the original fear itself.…


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Wisdom from an ash tree

I am a druid in training. Ireland is in heart my second home. I love spending time there visiting sacred places and I have met some very wise teachers there. Irish-celtic druidry is the path I have chosen to follow.

Since I live in Sweden the old Gods of Scandinavia are always present, but I have never been able to connect. I know they are there, I sense them but I never been able to establish any relation with them. I have always wondered why.

Today I had a "chat" with one of…


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Bad news, good news & a dilemma.

The bad news:  I took my PERT test (college placement test) and I scored high on the reading & writing but I also scored below the mid range on the math.  I didn't do as bad as I thought I would but every question I got was an algebraic equation and I hadn't relearned that yet.  I'm currently up to pre-algebra in my relearning.  This means if I leave things as they are, then I will have an extra math class for remedial…


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I had to all the fire dept!

Hey all,

Little eventful this evening. I was packing boxes and the carbon monoxide detector started going off. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and nothing. The cats were acting just fine. I had a headache but I had had it for a while before. So I called the fire dept and they came out and checked everything. Turns out that it was just the old carbon monoxide detector. I did learn that my cats would've been dead before I had symptoms because they are more susceptible to that. So…


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Do we really only live once?

Hey everyone,

So this post is kind of complicated even for me, the one writing it. I do believe in reincarnation, I won't get into it all because that is a whole other blog post for me to write someday. But  I don't know that I believe that everyone is reincarnated. So my question is do we really only live once? I also try and live with no regrets. Everything happens for a reason, and that within every hardship there is a blessing.

But the turns my life is taking lately, (again…


Added by Ms. Witch(Sara) on July 7, 2014 at 16:04 — 5 Comments

I haven't blogged since April 20th...

...and things have been hectic, no, manic, so that's why!

I give thanks for all the blessings that have come my way, the positives and the negatives, as they are all gifts, and part of lifes' rich tapestry, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

On the upside, my harp playing has REALLY taken off, I've learned about 40 pieces to play now, and I am enjoying that loads, and getting lots of positive feedback from far and wide - not to mention the bookings diary looks very…


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A Poem for Brighid: I look into the Fire

I look into the fire that shines

and feel inspiration in my thoughts,

I look into the fire that blazes

and forges my spirit with strength,

I look into the fire that burns 

and leeches from me all impurity,

I look into the fires of Brighid 

and it is She who flames within me.

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Good Evening all,

This is a post that I am torn to write. As many of you know In December my childhood cat, Niji(like my best friend) has surgery to remove breast cancer. She had one large golf ball size tumor as well as my other smaller pea sized ones. She had all her breasts removed as well as the tumors. Last month they started coming back, now they are pea sized and a little bigger. Otherwise she is happy she still plays, loves attention, etc. I took her back to the vet today to…


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Korean Folk Magic Masterpost

What aspects of the culture influence it? What defines it from other folk magic? - queerlittlemermaid@tumblr

Since this is a korean folk magic post, of course korean culture is 100% included within it. You can’t take out korean from korean folk magic. If someone did, they’d have some shade of a torn up bramble.…


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In the garden: Entry 1

I started gardening in the middle of April. It is now the beginning of summer. The plants currently in the garden are sunflowers, wildflowers, rosemary, sage, lavender, lamb's ear, zion, and hydrangea. I want to get some Jasmine.

The rosemary is slowly dying, and I'll likely cut a few sprigs before it completely dies out. Its needles are sticky and become fragrant when rubbed. It is a medium green and is supposed to get blue flowers, but I haven't gotten to see any yet. According…


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Just Be

Hey all,

I walked 7 miles in the park today! I met up withy my friend Julia and her 3 boys. The boys mostly played and chased each other while we walked. I didn't realize it was that many miles but when I got home I checked my phone.(I track my steps on my Samsung s4 Shealth app) When it was said 7 miles I was shocked. Not to mention the 2 miles I added up before we went to the park just doing things around the house. She is going through some tough times. 13 years of marriage and…


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banana spirulina ice cream

Hi all,

my husband had to go into work for a training class this morning so that meant that the alarm was going off at 5am. I was pretty awake so I stayed up and did the stress recess routine from the yoga for young bodies DVD. I think that I am really going to enjoy the DVD. I bought it used for $2.50 on Ebay. It was a steal.

Last week I quit taking the birth control pill. I went to the Dr because despite all my healthy exercise and eating I was not losing any weight but I was…


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