This eve,  I had the opportunity to respond to a young lady who had been told she was not a proper witch due to her lack of "tools" & "proper technique".... I sat, and thought a bit about about what a very wise man shared with me..... I thought I would share my response here.... It may, or may not, lead others to offer input, to those who are starting off on their journey.....

Merry Meet .....

The only true tool ever needed is INTENT...... whether you have an Altar beautifully decorated and equipped with all the so called "tools of the craft", or simply words spoken from your heart, your message is going to be heard.... There is nothing more magical, than what is within.... if you use that, there is no wrong... for no one should stand in judgement of the purity of what is within, other than you ......What you physically have, is just a tiny part.... what is surrounding you, again, just a tiny part..... What is magical? Now, that is the biggest part..... That is what is within.....Blessings on your journey and stay true to what is within, for it will take you far...

<3 Merry Part MJ )O(

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Beautifully said. It's a message that needs to be spread out there more. Blessed be Kim

People easily forget that the principles of magic were laid by people who didnt have beautifully ornate altars, tools, and rituals, at their disposal...

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