It's sometimes said that Wicca is a religion based on belief and knowing rather than on  faith.  What is your experience?  Do you believe this to be true or not?

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I personally say: neither. It's a religion based on experiences.

I have to agree with Bad Seed 100% here. I guess you can say that knowing grows from experience, but that experience is still the foundation, and has been a catalyst for me many times.

I third this.

Bad Seed said:

I personally say: neither. It's a religion based on experiences.

Salutations ladies!

What is the difference between experience and knowing? I have often said my beliefs require no faith, I can feel and experience the power of ritual and I can demonstrate it to others who are open to receiving it. I am also careful to separate things I "know" from things I expect to be true and things that start with "it's possible that..".

Dogmatic religions require faith because all those "it's possibles" are carved in stone, (sometimes literally then accidentally misplaced) whereas orthiopraxic religions lead to first hand experience, and experience to knowing,
I 4th the above!

Being more orthopraxic than dogmatic, you personally learn and know from your experiences.


For me it,  it is a combination of my own personal experiences, knowledge I gained through those experiences, and the faith I put in myself, to live my life in a manner, that I feel in balance with what is within my world, at any given moment.  All three components, are needed in order for me to continue to grow and develop myself, and better serve those around me. I view the world as a place of continual change and one that is constantly bringing new encounters/ experiences within  my world.  Due to this, my knowledge grows, and I have to have faith, that I can utilize these two facets, and apply them, as I move forward.

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