What do you think of that school on www.greyschool.com

personally i like it, just love the Harry potter hogwart school concept with the 4 houses ;-)

im currently studding the wizard of History, i have read about imothep of Egypt, i like that school very much. so much thing to learn !

message from the headmaster Oberon Zell Ravenheart on YouTube :


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Two things here, one is that what a person needs to learn really does have to be up to that person If a lighter hearted way about it is what they need then there really isn't much a person can do no matter how hard they wish to learn it so I think there are times it is somewhat necessary to fit the degree of need to a person. Second thing is, if this really is necessary for a person then that should be very clear from the get go and perhaps a new name to go with the watered down 'fun' way of practice. Yes the dress up and such is fun but does that mean it has to entirely dump the the more serious deeper stuff completely out the window? Can there be both? Has the fun parts necessarily buried any and all seriousness involved? It reminds me very much of trapeze acts.  There is an immense amount of seriousness, concentration and balance that goes with that, especially when there is no net. But the costumes are entirely ridiculous sometimes.

I guess this particular issue does tear at me sometimes because I don't think practices absolute need to be exact but in order for a practice to be a tradition it has to hold some sort of regular and solid core beliefs and practices. At the same time I've seen people struggle to grasp things they really want to learn and just cant seem to do it as specifically dictated. Some people need a shift in seriousness to get it. Its one way to loosen up enough to allow the mind to grasp the more serious issues when they do come about. 

Callisto said:

And if such a crutch is viewed as needed by some adults in order to get into and learn about paganism and witchcraft, that these practices need to be made "fun" (as though they're somehow dour to begin with),  then there's an issue and it is not with the practices themselves. 

I'm pretty sure most here would agree that everyone has a right to approach magic in their own way.  But we also look at the effect a school such as this will have on the greater pagan community for years (decades, maybe) to come. Will the students come out of the course thinking they're more knowledgeable and proficient than they actually are?  Will they then present themselves as teachers and widen the circle of misinformation? More important, will their misinformation hurt them or anyone else?

We've seen pagan traditions, especially Wicca, watered down over the past 20-30 years until they are barely recognizable, with many in our community unaware how little they actually know. The lasting effects of schools such as this make some long time pagans apprehensive.

yeah i like to approach magic like that because the school is very serious, we get credit, and i feel like if a was in a real school. we have to studies, make research in the Library, we have to check if the grammar is ok when we sens our text. and theres is also the forum of the school. so many things are discussed there, i love to check the message everyday. i like also the symbol of the School, the Penkhaduce invented by Oberon Zell. its very popular now on the web and many jeweler are making it. Oberon zell Ravenheart is a Genius.

What kind of credit is it that you get?  What do you mean?

I can imagine there's lots of valuable information there. But I question any online magical school's ability to honestly assess their students or bestow "titles".  Even Oberon, and I agree he's a genius.

I was tired when i wrote that, i think it was mentioned earlier, though i wasn't really trying to say it had any accreditation, just that it wouldn't seem very reliable even if it "did" since it hasn't been around long.

Callisto said:

How is this school accredited? Cherry Hill Seminary has been around far longer and with bonafide educators holding recognized Masters and PhDs from accredited established universities and it's still in the multi-year process of accreditation. What traditions let alone other educational institutions recognise its wizardry certificates?

Or did you simply mean it hands out its own certificates?

Alex said:

I think Sutra means they don't support the school at all, and their names and materials are being used with out their specific approval.  Which is bad in any academical setting, since citation and support of said knowledge give more credit to it than the words simply strung together.   That being said it being the "only" accredited school does not mean it is credible...

 I have certificates for my Mule tree climbing school franchise's an that a joke it meant to be  The sad thing is this just another Full Moon shining example of good folks running amuck trying to find their way to the Left Handed path in the dark walking backward blind folded while being guided by greedy money monkeys.

 No wounder we are look at as freaking fruit loops by so many misinformed straights  out there.

 Just freaking SAD 

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