binding spell - to stop someone from harming other people.

Hi,   I need some help as soon as possible please. I've resently had someone whom I thought was a friend, of five years, steal from me. He stole my house keys when I was home and he came to visit but I didn't realise until the following morning when it came to going to work. Had to get the the spare set from a trusted friend. Then, two days later he entered my home when i was out, participating in something which I, and some friends, had been planing for months. One this day he stole two games consoles from me and left a note pretending to be a baylift - but I recognise his handwriting and he wrote it on a notepad - a real baylift would have surely had official forms. I have informed the police - they are making an investigation - and I have had my locked changed.

 I just wanted to know if is it okay to cast a binding spell without the persons permission? I have have looked up binding spells already but the results gave information on how to stop someone harming the caster. I want to cast a spell to prevent him from doing similar things to other people. I really hope someone can help me. I always put other people before myself. That's just how I am made - so to speak. Please reply.




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In my experience, whether or not it is "okay" to do something is all up to your own moral and spiritual code. I, personally, have never put a spell on someone without their knowledge. That's not to say that I wouldn't ever do so, it's just in my little Makoons-world I have to have a darn good reason and haven't found a reason good enough yet. Usually I find a way to solve my problems through non-magical means and so I haven't as yet had to resort to a curse or binding spell. 


So, the only person who can really answer this question is you.

Thanks Makoons.

Very much appreciate your quick reply. I will give some thought as to whether I go ahead with the spell or not. Will let you know if I go ahead with it or not and how it goes and if I tell him  - although after this I don't think I'll see him again for a long time.

Thanks again.

Blessings,   Chris

Hi Chris.
Sorry to say it, but that changing your locks, letting the police know (its why we pay taxes) and telling other people,is your best defence.
A binding spell would work but mundane solutions are always the best recourse.
I have worked binding rituals in the past, and they have worked, but only as a last resort.
IMO, if you feel it's necessary, do it. For your safety and the safety of your home. You have to look into your own feelings to determine if its right or not. For all actions, we are not always able to ask "permission" for spell casting. This person is harming you, it's ok to defend yourself.


thanks for getting back to me Gray and Andianna. Very much appreciated. The police aren't doing anything at all. Not even treating it as burglary. Apparently, recognising his handwriting isn't enough evidence. I agree Gray changing the locks is my best defence, just wish I'd done it soon as I realised that that my keys had been stolen. Since the police are doing nothing I feel I should take matters into my own hands. I will make sure I don't break the law or go against my beliefs, thou. I'm still talking to him but 'playing dumb' about the thieft in the hope he makes a mistake. I really hope he does.

I would do it in only relation to the safety of your family and home.  I have friend whom a coven of witches put a binding spell on just because they were racist.  It was very harmful to them health-wise.  Lucky for my friend that they found a way to break it.



I've already decided not to do the spell, but I do appreciate everyone's comments. Thank you.

I'd never do a binding spell with the intent of harming someone just to prevent them from doing something, such as stealing, and would never do a spell on someone because they had been racist either. people are entitled to their opinions, but don't have to give them. I probably wouldn't think twice about doing the spell to protect my family. i think I'd just do it. My family are the most important people/things in my life.

I'll just leave it and move on. Gonna get another x-box and keep away from that 'friend' - already blocked him on facebook.


Thanks again for all your comments, very much appreciated.



Just remember that if you're uncomfortable with the idea of putting a binding spell or any spell on another person without their consent there is always a way to get around it. Say, instead of putting a spell on someone to protect your family from them, you could put a general protection spell around your home and family to keep ANY bad influences from doing their deeds. That way if the "bad guy" walks into your trap it's the consequence of his or her own actions and not something you deliberately did to them.


I'm not saying everyone is concerned with the idea of putting spells on others. I know plenty of people who consider revenge spells a natural part of magic/life and don't have any moral grounds against it. I just know there are people like me who'd also rather avoid it when possible.

Cheers Makoons and Beorc.

I like that :)

Beorc Kano said:

There is an old saying...


"Cross me once, shame on you. Cross me twice, shame on me."


I have a version of that that I use, slightly modified.


"Cross me once, shame on you, Cross me twice, I must have missed."


Retaliation and revenge and consequence are facts of life and living. They are as natural as birth and death, as real and valid as pleasure and pain. They are a part of the natural cycle of "If this, then that." Cause and effect. Just be sure that you are prepared for whatever may occur... When lobbing a grenade at someone, sometimes, you must be prepared for shrapnel.

Cheers. I'll bear that in mind.

Well if you go by the "what you give out comes back to you three times", you could send him a love your neighbour spell and maybe guilt will get him.. 


You say that you have decided not to do a binding spell, but personally, myself, I would do a justice spell asking Bast to take care of the matter as quickly as possible, it can't hurt to ask for expediency.

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