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Pregnancy and childbirth The Natural Way


Pregnancy and childbirth The Natural Way

For anyone who is or wants to be pregnant and wants to learn about the power of your own body. The magical and mundane of non medical childbirth options.

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List of increased risk to bottle fed babies and moms 12 Replies

While we still do not know all of the problems associated with formula feeding, what we do know is scary as hex. I compiled this list from the WHO, Le Leche League, Mothering Magizine, and the CDC. K…

Tagged: feeding, bottle, Dangers, Breastfeeding

Started by Sutra. Last reply by Megan Herrod 19 hours ago.

Megan Herrod

Ultrasounds and Baby Pictures 5 Replies

This is more for fun than anything- But I think It would be nice to post up pictures of our ultrasounds and our children or new babies. If you feel comfortable of course! Belly pics would be great to…

Started by Megan Herrod. Last reply by Tonya Herald 22 hours ago.

Megan Herrod

When plans change 1 Reply

I am writing this to make clear that sometimes - plans change.   New parents and those who are "with child" enter into parenthood with preconcieved ideas about how things are going to be. Those ideas…

Started by Megan Herrod. Last reply by Sutra Jan 11.

Megan Herrod

Considering Cloth? 3 Replies

  Being a mom who cloth diapered my first daughter, and will be cloth diapering a second baby soon I want to put it out there that this is a great, eco freindly, and "natural" parenting choice for y…

Started by Megan Herrod. Last reply by Sutra Jan 11.

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Aimee Bennett Comment by Aimee Bennett 12 hours ago

With my first son I wanted to have a natural childbirth but during the last 7 hrs of my 52hrs of labor with him I opted for an intrathecal which took away the contractions but I was able to experience every feeling of him actually entering the world.  My second son was alot easier it was only about 12 hrs total and the pain really didn't set in until the doctors made me lay flat on my back in that dang bed.  I wound up with an epidural with him and it was the worst experience.  I couldn't feel anything and had to rely on a machine rather than my body to tell me what was going on.  I wound up with horrible back pains for weeks after the delivery and still have minor aches in the injection site now 4years later.  When and if (due to some medical issues) my fiance and I have another child I/We have decided to have a home birth with a midwife so that I can rely on my body as well as support from people who actually care.

Anessa Comment by Anessa 12 hours ago
Hello everyone... I am pregnant with my second daughter. My oldest is 5 and she will be 6 in March and this little one inside me should be joining us sometime in early May. Hope to get lots of great information and possibly at times some advice through here. Thanks for the warm welcomes guys.
Megan Herrod Comment by Megan Herrod 12 hours ago

Welcome to the Group Aimee and Anessa! I hope that you like it here and I look forward to becoming friends with you!

Sutra Comment by Sutra 12 hours ago
Just wanted to pop in welcome our new members Aimie and Anessa. Jump in ladies.
Tonya Herald Comment by Tonya Herald 21 hours ago

Take your time I know how it is. My grandmother is very ill right now.

With my second daughter I argued with the nurse until she allowed me to lay on my left side with a pillow between my knees. It helped whether it was in my head or really helped I'm not sure but the pain dropped half and thats how she ended up being natural. On my side I was able to relax more so I wasn't as uncomfortable. The nurse kept saying the monitor wasn't working properly with me laying that way but my baby girl was born healthy and happy with no drugs and no c-section. So, I was happy even though the couple nurses weren't.

Sutra Comment by Sutra 21 hours ago

That's more common than you know. The monitor is one reason they lay you flat, but laying you flat or even inclined causes the the very problems they so often operate for. It's the worst possible position for mom and baby. It also makes pain worse, leading of course to more drugs being needed. Every intervention leads to more. Think about menstral cramps for a moment. Moving around is the last thing you want to do, but when you do you cramp less. It's the same with labor. Laying you down, exposing your most intimate parts and time to a room full of strangers, under bright lights with no food or water while your body is doing more work and needs more energy than it's ever had and treating you like you are's no wonder drug use and c section are so high.

I'm sorry I didn't get to the pain management post yesterday. I will finish it up today after i get back from the hospital. Please just be patient with me over the next few days. My family is going through some tough times right now.

Tonya Herald Comment by Tonya Herald 22 hours ago
I had no idea about the fetal monitor. I strongly believe that technology is what's shortening our life spans and causing so many problems with humanity but I never thought that machine could posibly be a problem too. It makes perfect since though. My c-section was because they kept loosing her heartbeat on the monitor it was dropping down in the 20's and so my doctor said "emergency c-section" and so that's what happened.
Tonya Herald Comment by Tonya Herald 1 day ago
Ok. I will look into them thank you!
Sutra Comment by Sutra 1 day ago
Here's a few books for you to look into: The wise woman's Herbal for the Childbearing Year, By Susan Weed...or just about any other by her, Gentle Birth Choices, By Barbara Harper RN CNM and the few titles you can find by Ina May Glaskin. I heard she has or is reprinting but all these can be found dirt cheap at
Sutra Comment by Sutra 1 day ago
One of the things the doc's don't tell you is that the moment you walk through the hospital door, your chances are almost 1 in 3 (30%) that you will have a c section. Epidural may be one reason but another is the fetal monitor. That blasted thing strapped to your belly is the most unreliable piece of equiptment ever built. In most cases, what doctors call distress, midwives call a need to change position. Many a c section are the result of a false reading leading the docs to protect their butt by cutting. Every other developed country on the planet have c section rates that hover around 5%. Is it a coincidence that more babies are born without fetal monitoring and by midwives instead of doctors in those countries?

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