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At 4:34pm on January 11, 2011, Megan Herrod said…

It is up to you- but if you are feeling a little lost I would look into the DRW groups on here. CNT in essence- is outer-court wicca and general "new age" practices. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you know it. It is eclectic. A lot of people here can help you to find ways to be eclectic, without acting like a bull in a china shop about it. Being a respectful, ethical eclectic is NOT taught by WSI and CNT- which is evident in some of the things they deem to be ok. Some people around here are a little more rigid in their definitions and have very strong opinions on what they believe and why- BUT most people are willing to back up what they say , and discuss with critics honestly and respectfully. I was blindsided by the relatively recent "upheaval" at WSI- But more than anything what bothered me the most is that when the leadership was asked to respond to their critics they ignored the issue- and punished THEIR OWN clergy members- and chastised them for "disagreeing" with the tradition on some points. Needless to say, they never were willing to make a statement explaining the "dirt" that had been dug up on the trad- not even to their own members.

There are two ways to look at the situation from a "member" viewpoint. Either you can say, "everyone messes up sometimes and this situation didn't "involve" me - so therefore I will turn a blind eye until something happens that makes me think otherwise" OR "Regardless of whether I was involved or not, i don't want to be involved in a group that has a shady past and is unwilling to make a statement defending or apologizing for their actions- so I am going to leave before the tradition harms me or my reputation as a pagan".  

For a while I stayed on the site because a lot of the PEOPLE there are just awesome. I won't tell you What to do- but it IS your right to know this info!  Good luck and Blessed Be!


At 6:33pm on December 10, 2010, Bree said…

It's always great to have a new friend from New England. Blessings, Bree

At 11:15pm on December 09, 2010, MoonShimmer ~ )O( ~ gave Onyx Blackraven a gift
For you! Thanks for the good Chat!
At 1:19pm on December 6, 2010, Onyx Blackraven said…
I wasn't aware of a split in the church, to be honest, but in our teachings we believe that wicca and witchcraft are interchangeable so I don't think it matters. I will be checking up on this later with Rev. Lewis-High Correll to see if I've missed something. I guess the technical term for my path would be Correllian Natavist, though. :D
At 12:53am on December 5, 2010, MoonShimmer ~ )O( ~ said…
OH JEREMY! HUGS! So glad to see you made it...

everyone here is fantastic!
Enjoy and Welcome to Real Pagan Network!

At 6:37pm on December 4, 2010, Yuugure said…
Hi Jeremy, welcome to Real Pagan! It's good to see a member of the CNT here, we don't usually see you guys outside of WitchSchool. Feel free to take a look around, we have a large group of Traditional Wiccans and NeoWiccans, and everything in between. Come join us in chat and get to know people.

Aayelle ne,
Jaimee Yuugure,
Site Moderator.
At 6:06pm on December 4, 2010, Sangraal said…
Welcome aboard, Jeremy! Thanks for joining us!

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