Why are some bloggers on this site cowardly?

To me, being a witch means that one lives a life of personal responsibility and personal accountability. This includes for our actions AND our words. If you write something, but then either don't allow for comments to be posted or feel the need to moderate comments, it is because you are afraid of what people might say. To me, this shows cowardice and goes contrary to the ideas of personal responsibility and personal accountability.

If you feel strongly enough about something to blog about it, then be brave enough to stand by your convictions publicly, even if you think people might disagree with you. Witches shouldn't be cowards.

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Comment by Harobed on December 29, 2010 at 17:01

OK at the risk of getting yelled at I have to ask two things

1 what did I miss?

2 this isnt really a question, I didnt realize you could put a blog up and not have people post comments ,so I have to wonder why would these people bother to post are they talking to her themselves talk? I can say since most of my blogs are akin to lessons in potions or charms I've caught a great deal of flack by those who believe its their way or wrong!I actually had a wiccan priestess on Wiccan Together basically tell me the universe would get me for teaching the young ones wrong!Now to be honest things like that more or less roll off my back because Im secure in my beliefs but it did give me a real heads up as to how very self important some people percieve themselves to be.What amuses me most are the comments about how what I blog about should be taught hand in hand with spiritual aspects ,Im not a prietess ,my path is solitary and although I will gladly share the knowledge I have Im not ever going to preach to others the proper way to worship thats your business not mine .

Comment by Strata on December 29, 2010 at 0:04
Leisha, I just wanted to add that I agree.  Even worse when someone closes the blog to comments. *gggrrrr*
Comment by Leisha on December 28, 2010 at 17:33

On a moderated site, such as this one, we have moderators who can moderate as necessary.


I still stand by my view that people who post something controversial as a blog and then choose to moderate comments from the get go are cowardly.


It also shows a lack of trust in the management of the site....and why would one stay on a site where they don't trust the people running it?

Comment by Beorc Kano on December 28, 2010 at 17:06
Better believe it, lady. It's the truth.
Comment by ¡Mrs. ♥ Öliverson! (Tasha) on December 28, 2010 at 16:15
Also, Monique, you said some very rude, offensive and hurtful things, regarding a certain group of people. You may want to choose your words a bit more wisely, next time. And pay a little more attention to EXACTLY what's being said before crying foul.
Comment by Beorc Kano on December 28, 2010 at 16:06

One thing you may want to think over, Miss Lockhart, is that mot of the people you feel that you don't care to hear what they have to say, are here, on this site.


*tips his hat*

Tuchux Stick Man here, at your service. ;)

Comment by Leisha on December 27, 2010 at 7:35

To clarify a few things:


Riverstone> Yep, I truly get there's a difference between pagan and witch. I'm a witch, but not a pagan, so I can only speak from the witch perspective that I have. I would hate to think that witch = responsible, pagan = not, although that sometimes seems to come about. If that's the viewpoint that you're taking about why people are unable to stand by their convictions on a pagan site (i.e., that pagan = lacking strength of conviction in public), it isn't something that I would disagree with, although I'd have to think long and hard about whether or not I'd personally assert it. In my view, if someone wants to blog and not have it put up for public scrutiny, what they should do is set up a private blog on one of the myriad sites that are out there. Putting a public blog up on a site like this, where the blog is featured right on the main page, and then closing comments for it is just passive aggressive nonsense--and I would hope that any person on this site would know better than to try and play those kind of middle school games.


Sporkboy> Have spam bots been a problem on this site thus far? I haven't seen them, but I'd be curioius if you have... 


MJ> Thanks for the feedback. One thing that I believe, as a person who works with words both professionally and magically, is that when you put words out to the universe, you create an entity of sorts. When it is witnessed by others, it is given life. So if someone has an idea that they don't have fully figured out, it's a good thing to write it down in private...and a dangerous thing to write it down in public, unless you are looking for help on tweaking that critter into manifestation. So if you have it open for comments, it will hone that blade... but if you put it out there to be witnessed and not commented on, you are starving your own creation, and it will bite you.


And to all others (kidlet is demanding attention, so my attention is divided), thanks for the feedback. I do understand keeping one's personal space (profile, private groups, etc.) comment moderated, although I personally wouldn't do it on a public site. On the other hand, blogs here are a public feature, not a private one...and the blogs that are most often closed for comments are the ones where someone just wants to scream at the general populace about how mistreated they are or to stir up trouble. I think that both of those behaviors are rather silly reasons to post a blog...if you're mistreated, then you aren't obligated to stick around. If you are here to stir up trouble for trouble's sake alone, then you might not be wanted on the site. I don't have statistics to back it up, but it has been my observation that most people who choose to post multiple blogs that are closed for comments are also ones who leave or get banned sooner than the general public. Coincidence? Who knows...



Comment by Riverstone on December 26, 2010 at 13:26
I do not believe that every pagan is a witch, nor for that matter that every pagan has the same ideals or ethics.  While I myself leave my comments open to input it is not out of  a sense of responsiblity nor for that matter accountability.  I do so because there is that which can be learned even from the most closed minded individual (as much as a knowledgeable and wise person).  For a long time I went about thinking that the very word 'Pagan' illustrated similar ideals in the acceptance, curiosity and interest in beliefs far distinct from ones own, and that proselytizing was the furthest thing from  a 'real pagan's' mind or motive.  This perspective of course has proven to be incorrect.  And that same knot which human paths seems to develop, egotism, is not unique to any specific viewpoint, but to all human viewpoints.  I fully support a persons right to leave blog comments closed.  Though it would be nice to give compliment in agreement or disagreement or simply gratitude.
Comment by Sporkboy on December 25, 2010 at 13:29
Moderating comments is also a handy way to keep the spam bots off your blog.
Comment by MJ on December 23, 2010 at 21:09


I love the following line on your post," If you feel strongly enough about something to blog about it, then be brave enough to stand by your convicitions, even if people disagree with you."

Personal responsibily is a questionable action that many do not adhere to. That is a fact ,both in society in general ,as well as, here within the site in several cases. By far, I am not questioning those that give voice to their thoughts,rather I am questioning the reality of sharing your ideals and not  being willing to defend what you have given voice to . 

For some, I do not think it is "being a coward", as much as not being able to defend their ideals that they gave voice to.  It in actuality ,was a rant for whatever reason. Ranting is often something that given time, one regretes or determines was in actuality just spouting of out of uncontrolled emotional turmoil.

For those that purposely keep their lives(profiles/blogs/ discussions) private, then they do so out of respect for themselves and it is fair that they have this option. For who are we to judge another.Especially since we have seen how there's a lot of folks who enjoy intimidating others for their opinions without giving them the respect of having their own opinion.

Thank you for letting me share my opinion on this topic.

Blessed be Always MJ )O(



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