Well I figured I'd give a better detailed post concerning where I've
come from to help others get to know me as well as for my own future

I'm 26 years old, 27 come June 22, and live in the Atlanta, GA area. I
enjoy playing my violin and djembe (not very good at either, but I'm not
too bad for a beginner), playing RPGs and fixing computers. Currently I
work in a datacenter for a major internet company helping to keep their
equipment running.

I have been interest in Wicca and witchcraft since 1996 (or 1997.. not
entirely sure which year after all these years) even though I was raised
in a Christian home and sent to private schools. Sad to say, I learned
about the existence of witchcraft when I first saw The Craft. I knew it
was a bunch of Hollywood hype, but was curious as to what they got their
material. So I went online and started looking for information and
people who believed in it. Of course due to my upbringing I was quite
nervous and hesitant to be researching things, though I had already
learned to think for myself instead of following what I was taught
blindly. Naturally what I found was quite different than what I
expected, and something seriously hit home. I was quite amazed at what I
learned, and the more I found out the more I wanted to know.

For the longest time I never really sought to learn much, as I wished I
could find a teacher. Unfortunately was only able to talk to people
online, and I then started trying to find books that I could read and
the likes. And so I dabbled with the bits I learned, never really doing a
lot. But in 98 and 99 a couple things happened that I couldn't explain,
and honestly scared me (Will possibly discuss this later if anyone
wishes, first waiting to share it with the potential teacher I have now
found), and decided that I would not do anything else until I could find
a teacher. Almost thought I found a group I could learn from in
College, but things still didn't feel right.

Since then life has just been to crazy to consider finding a teacher. In
the past year thing shave started to settle down, and much more so now.
I hadn't even given things much thought since college, so it was a bit
strange that I was suddenly hit with the urge to look for a teacher
again. I had no idea where to begin to look, but I knew I wanted a
tradition that had been handed down from teach to student over the
years. It did not take too long before I stumbled upon information
regarding a newly formed Alexandrian Outer Court that would be starting
their second round of a study group in just a couple a months.

After initial contact and conversing online I got to sit down for face
to face conversation. It was quite an odd experience for me due to me
being extremely shy. In most cases I do not do well around new people, I
find it hard to speak and am very anxious. As expected I started to get
very nervous as I pulled up to their house, but then it suddenly melted
away. For the first time I was utterly relaxed in a totally new

The evening was spent getting to know each other, as well as meeting a
few others who were part of the Outer Court and his partner &
covenmate. It was very interesting conversation, and I was left yearning
to hear more! Despite the evening going by faster that I would have
liked, it was a wonderful evening. Things were good, and I was extended
an invitation to join the Outer Court and take part in the next cycle of
Seeker's classes I gladly accepted of course. We all hit it off quite
well, but it helps that interests and amusingly circle of friends
overlap considerably. Definitely felt like home getting to hang out with

Since then I've been in continual contact with the person, and have been
devouring the books that I was told I'd need for the classes. Well,
only needed to read three of them, but looks like I'll be finishing all
six before it even gets started, lol. Ah well.. I'll simply re-read my
favorites for the classes. I'm eagerly awaiting August, and very happy
to have finally found someone I could learn from.

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