Once again, I've seen some misguided advice on how to use oils around the internet. So, here I am, attempting to remedy it.

Note: Before using any oil, make sure to check my other blog post "Essential Oil Warnings" to check for potential side effects, safety tips, and drug interactions: http://realpagan.net/profiles/blogs/essential-oil-warnings

How to use essential oils:
1. To diffuse oils, use one of the following methods:
-Put several drops of the oil or blend of choice in a oil potpourri burner with about a tablespoon of distilled water.
-Put a few drops of the oil or blend of choice in a ceramic light bulb oil burner with a bit of distilled water. Note: Only use these burners with regular light bulbs, NOT the energy efficient ones.
-Put about a dropper full of oil (about 10 drops) in the floor of the shower with the drain closed and allow the steam to diffuse the oil for you.
2. To take an aromatherapy bath: Mix about 20 drops of oil with some sea salt and allow to sit for about 24 hours. This will make enough bath salts for one bath. Note: If you are using the oils for an actual purpose (i.e. not just to smell good but for relaxation, to cure an ailment, etc.) don't just put the oil in the bath. It will not come in enough contact with enough skin to make any difference whatsoever.
3. To make an aromatherapy candle: Buy a candle that has a low melting point parafin wax and light it. Allow it to melt down a bit, until a pool of melted wax appears. BLOW OUT THE CANDLE! This is important as EOs are extremely flammable! Add a few drops of oil to the pool and light the candle again.
4. Anointing Oils: Dilute oil if it will come in contact with the skin and apply to anything in need of anointing.
5. Room spray: Add about 15 or more drops of oil to a spray bottle of distilled water. Shake regularly and use until gone. This will only last a few weeks.
6. Inhalation: Add a few drops to a cotton swab or cotton ball, put in a ziploc bag for a while and carry with you for inhalation as needed. Oil bottle necklaces work well for those on the go with a larger need for inhalation.
7. Skin absorption: Apply oil blends or diluted oil to pulse points (i.e. wrists, back of the neck, behind the ears, temples, etc.) or to the soles of the feet (the soft part of the arch) for quite absorption into the blood stream. Some ailments will do better with direct application to the wound/ailment itself. PM me with questions or post below, if you have them.

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