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Updates on what has been happening in my life

So... Quite some time has passed since I have last been on this site. So many things have changed. Some good, some not so good. 

I have moved on from my previous relationship to one that is more fulfilling. And I wonder now why I didn't see it before just how I felt. 'Chelle and I just wern't right for each other, I think I tried to hard to see a connection when there wasn't really that deep of one to begin with. We both have moved on. She is now handfasted to her love and will have her legal wedding in August.

On to Thalen... Wow... Not sure how to describe him. He's wonderful honestly. We can talk for hours, goof around daily, or just sit in silence just comfortable in the fact that the other is near. I love him. Truely I do. I can't imagine my life without him. He was there to hold me when things went south with 'Chelle. I had been friends with him for 2 years always comfortable around him, and it kind of hit me like a bolt from the blue when I realized I had fallen for him. And then the day he told me that he loved me too. I was so surprised and so happy to find this out. I floated the rest of the day.

As for the not so good things. I finally went through the proceedings to sign custody of my children over to their father. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to do. My sons mean the world to me. Their dad is able to give them the kind of life they deserve. As much as I want them with me, I just can't. I am living with friends trying to find a job, while he has been with the same company for 4 years and owns his own place. All I can do is be there for them when they need me, and hope that one day I can be with them again. I'll give them that choice when they get older. 

So lots of ups and downs, but mostly ups. So for the most part I'm content with the way my life is going right now. I have a good man who cares for me, great friends who love me, and to special boys that I live for.

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