Thoughts in motion... an insane reflection

Man look to the stars for certainty, but the only certainty is that every day we are alive, our destiny is getting one day closer.

We are all in motion hurdling towards a destiny we did not chose and cannot avoid.


Something I have spent aeons trying to avoid, but I guess... it’s about great bodies moving through space and they speed up as they get nearer to each other and the convergence is inevitable.  (What does this even mean?)


No matter how you fight it, you can’t avoid it, as you come closer to your destiny it’s like fighting against being sucked into a black hole.


We are entering a place that is not familiar, that is so unknown and overwhelming, that you feel small, vulnerable and insignificant…..


All you are, was and were, looks like a blink in time.  It make you see clearly, that who you are is vastly greater that what you ever have thought.  Nothing on this plane can or will ever prepare us for what waits.


It is like the ocean.. Filled with waves... so will it end.  Those that swim the best will be the first to find the stability of land….


Do we know what our destiny is?




The only way to know... is to stop fighting the inevitable, at this point it’s not worth fighting any more, because what is coming, none on this plane can control, no matter how they try or how they believe they can, all this is far greater than one insignificant person.... that is but a grain of sand on the shore.


Where ever it may lead, destiny is stronger that the will of any man, and those that don’t believe in destiny, will be taken by the kracken in the deep, never to be seen again.  Their end is inevitable


So much anger has lead us to this... will more anger truly end the reign of anger?

Look at the world... see the anger?  Look at their hearts... see the emptiness it holds


Sadness is the result of anger, how many has fallen on their knees in sadness, watching the result of anger.  Anger has always brought hate, violence, resentment, and more.


Look how many has died in the name of God, how many wars, fought over religion and land, land that belong to all of us, but that we want to own, possess and coven… has any of that brought man any healing?  The answer is a resounding NO… it just brought brewing anger and later more war, revenge, pain grief, to those it affected.


The stage has been set aeons ago.


For aeons the anger at those that oppress this plane, made people rise and fight to make them pay, and take what was precious to them. In anger... but the anger cooled, and another rise that was appointed by the people.  Just look back over history how the oppressor was tumbled to be replaced with one and then only to become the oppressor once again, leaving broken souls in their wake, was all the righteous anger worth the pain it inflicted? 


And I stand watching … wondering


What is there left to believe in.... maybe that is what I am seeking


My heart, the fire that has driven me over aeons, it’s left a large gaping hole in my chest, and it burned a hole that will not heal, that I can’t seem to fill. Once it was filled with truth (or so I believed) it is empty now.  I keep adding truth to this hole, love, compassion, healing, but it remain like a black hole


Maybe soon I will remember how to fill a black hole… am I alone to feel this or is this was man try to fill with stuff, the emptiness inside….

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