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Blessings All,

So it's been busy around here, putting up decorations and shopping not to mention all the gift making I have been doing. I knitted an ear warmer headband out of rainbow acrylic yarn. I taught myself all the stitches that I had never done before. Currently I need to finish knitting a scarf that I am working on for my father in law, finish a pair of gloves I am making for myself and knit at least one more headband and maybe another scarf all for gifts. I have been using a pair of my grandmas knitting needles that she left me.

I am working on many other projects as well. My muse has been quite the companion lately.

I made my first ever beeswax candle today. I reused a candle jar that I cleaned out and saved. I ordered my wax from a 3rd generation beekeeper in Ohio. No chemicals or anything like that used. IT has its own natural smell and it is a beautiful one! I used a 100% cotton braided wick It took a bit for the wax to melt but I melted the perfect amount for the jar I had. It is still setting up. It has a nice rustic look to it as it isn't perfectly poured. But I like it and look forward to burning it.

I am also working on a couple of "upcycling" projects. I am going to make a couple bird houses out of plastic. Its a wonderful way to reuse something and help the environment in the sense that it gives the birds a house and reduces trash and litter and it will save me some room in my recycle bin. Instead of buying dowel rods I went walking through my yard and found a couple stick I am going to use for the perches. It will look more natural to the birds this way I think and saves a tree from being cut down to make dowel rods. Seems really easy. I will post pics when I get this finished. I am going to make two, both a little different. One for my yard and one for my dad. I told him about it today and he was excited to see the  finished product. HE also gave me a few jars for candles.

The next project is knitting a welcome mat out of plastic grocery bags. We have found many ways to reuse these bags around the house. We use them for bathroom trashcan liners, trash bags in the kitchen, bags to clean the litter box with, wrapping holiday breakables when we pack them away, stuffing in cat toys and pillows for their beds, and for packing when sending things in the mail that I sell off of ebay. If I can knit welcome mats I will also give one to my dad.

The last project on the list for now is to make a pillow for my cats out of an old stained fluffy robe. I have a white fluffy robe that I Have had for almost ten years. I cook in it sometimes, eat in it and much more. I asked my husband for a new one for the holiday so if I get a new one I am going to cut some fabric from it and make a pillow, I will stuff it with plastic bags and stuffing, and I will throw in some  cat nip. ;)

I can feel the magic in all of these items that I will create with my own hands.

Are there any projects any of you are working on?

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Comment by MoonCrone 21 hours ago

My, you have been busy!  I hope everyone appreciates the time and effort you put into their presents, I'm sure they will.  We've been busy making everyone cakes and sweets this year, I do a mean pineapple upsidedown cake, and Hubby makes wonderful fudge.  I know it's bad for your health but everyone loves them.  Better that than something they don't like.  As for making things for around the house, I've been trying to sort out an old built in wardrobe in my bedroom that doesn't function as it should and turning it into little alcoves instead where I can store stuff like spare bedding, duvets, sheets, pillows and so on at the top, spare curtains and towels in the middle, and perhaps the bottom row can be for my bags and scarves and hats and gloves and all the other accessories I've built into quite some collection.  It'll certainly tidy up the room!  All it needs now is some paint.  Should be ready to use by next week if I can only remember where I left the brushes...


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