The light is returning!

I've been waiting all month for today. I have a Runeset to make. The wood is already cut into discs and sanded, but I've been waiting since Thanksgiving to do the rest of it. It just seems appropriate, somehow, to carve and consecrate them on the day the light begins to last longer.

AND it's a new moon, which just makes me happier, because new moons are good for new beginnings.

I do wish I had a bottle of mead handy, but I don't. The caramel apple white wine will have to do.

Before I can work on runes, though, I have to finish cleaning my room. I don't have my own altar space at the moment, as I share a house with my mother and sister (both Christians who would be offended if they knew what I was up to), so my "altar" is my desk and my room has been a little neglected lately with craft fair preparations and the house turning into Christmas central. I don't mind the decorations, because I'd be setting up the ones that have pagan roots anyway, but the Christmas carols and the birthday party for Baby Jesus isn't my thing.

Anyway. I have to use my desk as my altar until summer, when Mom and Sister will be moving out, so this morning/early afternoon I need to clear it off. Tonight after the kids are in bed I'll light some candles, pour some wine for the Gods and spirits, set up my sacred space, and make my runes.

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