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There seems to be a lot of misconceptions when ones are just venturing on the path of the wise. They want to be taught all there is, no more secerts and by the Gods it should be granted to them!

Nuh-uhn...things don't go so.

The Elders/Teachers don't have to teach you a bloody thing! They don't owe you anything just because your interested. I'm sure The Elders have heard hundreds state that 'they're interested' and I would dare say that not even half of those would jump through the amount of hoops to show their dedication, such as The Elders/Teachers did when they were Seekers, to even gain that knowledge!

Nothing in this world is for free. You don't get something for nothing. If you want something that much you have to work for it and the harder the battle the sweeter the victory! That's the bottom line.

Furthermore, this is not a 'kiss up blog' to the Elders/Teachers, for yes, I consider myself just a studier/seeker but I am not still 'wet behind the ear's' and even I have a problem with giving out something for free when I did all the Work. I'm a charitable person but Gads! My knowledge and time isn't a charitable service.

Giving Thanks and Respect to An Elder and Teacher with her mysterious ways of teaching, let me come to this understanding on my own.


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Comment by Makoons on December 11, 2010 at 20:44

It was my interpretation that Flammeous just meant that just because someone wants/needs the knowledge she has she doesn't feel obligated to share it.


I am the same. People of my tradition have a long and varied history of outsiders coming in and *expecting* to be taught simply because they made the effort of coming to *us*. The people I do teach or invite to ceremonies I never charge, but I wouldn't just let someone into my life (because it is my LIFE) simply because they felt it was owed to them.



Comment by Makoons on December 11, 2010 at 18:59

Love love love this post. just remember that "teachers" can be people in your life, but also experiences, books, spirits, and the voice within yourself.

Comment by Beorc Kano on December 11, 2010 at 13:23

People tend to focus too much on getting or being a teacher. It's the imposition of an authoritative hierarchy on their spirituality, someone that they can look up to as someone with all the answers, someone they can run to when they don't have the time or the intestinal fortitude to mull something over themselves. It's the almighty hand they can hold and be let through Eternity.


You don't need a teacher in order to learn. I am where I am today entirely without a teacher. I don't claim to be a Master of anything, I don't claim the title Elder, I don't want to be a Teacher, in fact, I steadfastly refuse to be such. However, just as I learned by talking to other equals, learning what they knew that I did not, if I know something that someone else does not, I will, by all means, converse with you about it. Who knows. Maybe you have a morsel of knowledge in you that I have yet to pluck out and ingest.

Comment by ¡Mrs. ♥ Öliverson! (Tasha) on December 11, 2010 at 13:01

Wonderful post. I think a lot of the problem is age. This generation seems to think that they deserve or are owed everything. Even my own kids, whom I try so hard to instill my values in, act like I owe them everything. I hope someday they'll wake up and realize that they must give in order to receive.


I'm not personally very knowledgeable, I'm yet a seeker myself. At one time I thought I was a seeker of Wicca. Now, I believe I'm just a seeker period. I don't expect the answers given to me. I must seek them out and decide what exactly it is that I want & need before I can ask anyone to teach me anything. I find I'm in the process now of searching within myself, to figure out what and who I am. I must first do this before I can go on seeking without, and someday seek out a teacher. I think, at least in my eyes, that this is what it means to be a seeker. We must search our own souls & minds, then search out information and decide which direction we want to start out in, before we decide which path to take and look for someone to guide us down that path. It's a journey of exploration and discovery, not having the world dropped at your feet. :)


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