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This blog is about piecing together my spiritual standpoint. I am writing it on here mostly for record-keeping, to put these thoughts down in words somewhere, and to share my point of view with those that would be interested in reading it.  

What I refuse

~I am opposed to the concept of people being naturally and inevitably flawed as if we were 'finished products' - I consider us to be rather 'work-in-progress', ever evolving and becoming. Evolution is going on every moment, it never stops, not even for us! :)
~I am quite disgusted when it comes to belief-systems that preach blind-faith for I consider these to be poisonous and dangerously brain-rotting if taken seriously. I find such a system to be more aimed at controlling people than providing spiritual guidance. 
~I strongly disagree with religions that teach people that the earth is FOR THEM, I find this to be completely backwards - we are OF the Earth, we grow from it. The Earth is not here for us rather we are here because the Earth is here and because the current conditions allow it. I find the religious standpoint which preaches that the Earth is our property to be disturbing. 

It is mainly for these reasons above that I will attack the Abrahamic religions if they come up as a discussion topic. Any system derived from these religions automatically repels me. However I want to make it clear that though I strongly oppose the teachings of these religions I do not demonize their followers, I try to remain respectful to their choice.

Where I stand

Know Thyself: The concept of the Higher-Self is of much interest to me. Knowing myself, to have a good understanding of my own potential and unleashing it is important to me - but also the better one manages oneself the better impact one has to those around.
I consider there to be energy within thoughts which smite into everything we do and I think that people may often greatly underestimate their influence, I think that this thought-energy travels and first of all to beings closest to us. 
Everything seems inevitably interconnected when it comes down to it, every action taken or not taken will have an area effect which influences others, whatever we do will spread.

Earth: I see the Earth as a living being and I tend to gravitate towards religions and philosophies that contain this point of view within their teachings. I see the Universe at whole as full of life on different levels as everything within it seems to go through a cycle of birth-growth-decay-death over different time periods, my definition of 'alive' has widened over the years.

Death, Spirit, Soul: I am a bit divided on the subject of the individual soul. A theory that makes much sense to me at this moment is that when we die the energy that composes us scatters and keeps moving. As far as I can observe everything is consumed by something else eventually, everything is recycled so why would we be excluded from this process?
For this reason I find myself doubting the existence of individual core essences that retain themselves after the body perishes, in other words the soul. I find it possible that what I see as myself this moment, the energy that makes up this human form, has been part of many other things over time. In this sense I may have been part of many things from my environment (an insect, rock, tree, animal, mud, clouds, humans...) over time. 
I do not deny the existence of the soul however I would need convincing evidence of it to truly believe in it and in a way I am looking for it. Some times when considering the soul I have gotten a feeling that I want to believe in it mainly because I fear my own mortality. I am unable to deny that it is also possible that the soul has a lifespan of it's own and surfaces into the material world for a number of times as it too evolves.  
I feel I lack of sufficiently convincing evidence to believe one explanation over the other. 
-If you read this far I am happy to hear your thoughts and findings concerning souls if you wish to share :)

The Divine: I am not a believer in deities in the strict sense, I do not worship nor pray, however I have theories about what I think deities may be - which I am usually willing to discuss. I am quite fond of the theories that divine/god/deity is within us, instead of outside of us, and I find interesting the point of view that we are or have the potential to becoming gods. 

~~I could continue writing, but I must break it for now- early wake tomorrow! :)

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Satori Comment by Satori 10 hours ago
Thank you, Ron. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Ron(Sitra Ahra) Comment by Ron(Sitra Ahra) on Saturday

CLAPs loudly.


Beautiful my dear,beautiful.


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