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On Writing Spells
Even with the abundance of material available, you will not always find a pre-written spell to meet your needs. Always feel free to adapt any spell that appeals to you to fit your goal. Change wording, candles, herbs, runes, etc. to your satisfaction. What works for some may not work for you. We creatures of the earth are all different in our own ways, and we express ourselves differently.

It is always best to write your own spells. You have more at stake than anyone else who might write the spell for you. Only you know exactly what your intention is. If the spell is written by you, your energy, your emotions, your essence, go into it. It may seem a daunting task at the beginning, but it is all within you now: power, magic. You just have to learn to express it to the Universe.

The Process
What is the goal of your spell? Know what it is you want to accomplish. Write down on a slip of paper what it is you are after. Choose how to word your goal carefully. Do not influence another or influence in a negative manner. Being precise is also important in the outcome of the spell.

Decide how and when the spell is to be performed. Timing of the Moon, day, month. Choose symbols and/or props that correspond with the goal you have in mind. Candles in the appropriate colors, runes, beads, gems, herbs, salt, incense, music, etc. These are the components of your spell. Choose appropriate deities if you wish to work with them. You may have to do some research to find the correct ones to work with. Or, you may wish to work with the energy of the Universe. Here is where you decide if you will use candle magic, herbal, sympathetic or other form of magic. Will you use moon magic? Or combination's of these magics? All of these things, either separate or together take everyday ideas and change them to the necessary magical symbols to get you in the right frame of mind for spell working. You will be "setting the stage" for your spell.

When you have your components, now is the time to put it all together. This is where you decide how the spell will be performed. In what order will you do things such as lighting candles, and what will you be doing with those candles? Will you memorize the spell, to be spoken or written at the time of the working, or will you have it written beforehand? If you have trouble with this step, find a spell with a structure you like and adapt that one to your needs.

As to the writing of the spell itself, it does not have to rhyme, but it may be easier to remember that way. Take your time, this is an important step. Most mistakes are made here. But it is not as difficult as you imagine. Take the time to think of the wording of the spell, but do not think to hard and long. The best writing comes quickly, and when you least expect it. Have a pen and paper handy.

On Performance

Take the time to cleanse, bless and charge props and tools. This may be done in a separate ritual or just before the spell to be performed. Make sure you start fresh with each spell. This will release random and left-over energy from previous spells.

Be physically prepared. Ground, center, meditate. Take a ritual bath if you wish.

Your spell may be cast with or without a circle.

All of this will take time, practice, and lots of research.

Most of all, believe in yourself. Do not be afraid of what is inside you, but learn to release it. You may make mistakes at first, we all do, but be persistent

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