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She arrived already an Angel.......""The Angel's Message""

Message to Mommy and Daddy.....

When you think you are all alone, and I have left you ..
Just remember this,
I am just playing hide and seek within your heart

The next time you feel the gentle caress of the wind upon your face,
know that I just felt I was being missed,
so you deserved an extra kiss.

The next time that sunbeam floats down before your eyes,
remember, that is me, within that light
I am there to brighten up that darkest night.

The next time you hear the babble of the gentle brook,
know that whisper is just me,
saying, I LOVE YOU, don't you see.

When that flower begins to bud,and the world begins to sing,
remember this, you're not alone...
for your heart, is where, I call home...


Your Loving Angel

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Comment by MJ yesterday

Thank you for your kindness and blessings....and for taking the time to share your thoughts...Blessed Be

Comment by Holly on Thursday
Aww! So sad, yet so beautiful and uplifting. So sorry for the loss of your niece. I can't fathom how hard that must be. I'm actually crying after reading this. So beautifully written. Comfort and blessings to you and your family.
Comment by MJ on October 14, 2013 at 19:08

Thank you for you words and sharing.... My adopted brother suffered this lost, a short time ago. For him, it has  left a very deep groove....Caerrie will always be his Angel....xoxo HUGS

Comment by MoonCrone on October 10, 2013 at 5:56

Beautiful - thanks for sharing.

I have felt the sting of 2 born sleeping babies, so I get it, I really do. xx


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