Looking at which notebook this is in, I probably found this on a BBS back around 1993 or so. I don't know the author of it, and haven't had any luck finding a copy of it online. I am sharing it here so it won't be lost to time, even though it isn't something that resonates with me these days.


Sacred Steps

Swirling, tumbling wild

Trembling, awake, quick

The sacred web
In me, of me
Me in it, of it

Forest of the Sacred
Self-aware, self-aware
Me of it and it of me
'til "it" and "me" are meshed
as one.

Hesitant, shaky steps
A newborn in a new world
Rhythms tug at my heart
Drawing me through the world.

Gathering strength, purpose
My feet trace out a sacred path
A sacred path that's right
A sacred path that's Rite

Earth mother
Hear my prayer.

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Comment by MoonCrone on December 30, 2011 at 7:32

Coolies!!! Thanks for sharing

MoonCrone xx


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