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For those not familiar with my current project, I'm combining Runecraft with Hoodoo Master Candle work. I'm making 25 total candles, with my Master Candle being mine entirely, and then 24 candles, one for each rune. here's what Ive got so far.


Rune            Scent        Color

Algiz            ?                ?
Ansuz          ?                ?
Berkana       lavendar    yellow-green
Dagaz          ?                 ?
Ehwaz         ?                 ?
Eiwaz          ?                 ?
Fehu            leather       light tan
Gebo           ?                 ?
Hagalaz       sloe gin      charcoal
Inguz          Jasmine       blue-green
Isa              menthol      pale blue
Jera            ?                 ?
Kenaz         wasabi/pepper    red
Laguz          ?                 ?
Mannaz        ?                 ?
Nauthiz       ?                 ?
Othala         cedar         brown
Perthro       Wormwood  grey-green
Raido          ?                 ?
Sowilu        Morning Glory    bright yellow
Teiwaz       ?                   ?
Thurisaz      ?                 ?
Uruz           ?                   ?
Wunjo         ?                   ?



Any thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc.. would be GREATLY appreciated. :D

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Beorc Kano Comment by Beorc Kano on January 11, 2011 at 3:18am
I did not know that they existed, Shawn! I'll have to look into it! Thanks!
Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) Comment by Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) on January 11, 2011 at 3:05am
No idea man,sorry,but i always wondered about things like that,what the Runes would go awesomely with.
Shawn Comment by Shawn on January 11, 2011 at 12:33am

Hey Beorc,


Not sure if you want more a "what it feels like to me," or not.. but you could always not reinvent the wheel, and go with existing correspondence tables. 


The Complete Magician's Tables (Stephen Skinner) relates each rune to otehr things including paths of the tree of life, which each have their own color correspondence etc.


The Magician Tables (Alan Richardson,) also has complete herbal correspondences for each of the Futharks.


Not sure if you're interested, but there's 2 existing sources.

Jen {The Pesky Pixie} Comment by Jen {The Pesky Pixie} on January 10, 2011 at 7:58pm
Now I could be mistaken, and I don't know a *ton* on runes, but isn't Laguz like water themed-ish....if that makes sense...When I had runes I always kept pulling that one, I'm thinking maybe waterlilly and a torquoise blue or something...I dunno, like I said I know like diddly-squat on Runes lol!

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